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Even with synthetic nol which is commonly used in the empirical literature to evaluate bank performance, the results may depend on which type of efficiency is evaluated, technical efficiency, scale efficiency, cost efficiency, profit efficiency and also on reblii definition of the outputs and the inputs retained. There are now about Islamic financial institutions worldwide, including banks, mutual funds, mortgage companies, and Takaful or insurance firms.

However, our results seems consistent with the one obtained by Chaffai and Dietsch who, using the same methodology to evaluate business risk, these authors found that a shock on lending activities causes the highest decrease in profit of the French retail banks. His risk is measured by the standard deviation is 0.

Indeed, when shocks are applied to non lending activities commissions, investment, trading the risk is even higher for Islamic banks With the banking law entered into force inthe Private Financial Corporations began to be named Participation Banks.

Two commonly used methodologies are proposed to construct the frontier, parametric and non parametric DEA methods. After constructing the new vector of shocked outputs we re-estimate the frontier.

IFSB serves as an international standardsetting body of regulatory and supervisory agencies that have vested interest in ensuring the soundness and stability of the Islamic financial services industry, broadly defined to include banking, capital markets and takaful.


Calvet and Leffol examined the relationship between profitability and risk in the Canadian market. Risk, return and volatility of faith-based investing: A serri of performance of Islamic and conventional banks.

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Malaysian Managerial Journal, Vol. First, classical forms of mudarabah, musharakah and ijara were not enough since they could not provide the needs of modern economics. It will address the liquidity needs of international Islamic banks, broaden the market of Islamic financial products. Governance Indicators for — The remainder of the paper is organized as follows: Directional distance function has been recently used to evaluate bank dynamic performances by Park and Weberwhile Yenel and Zofio employ hyperbolic distance function to evaluate the efficiency of Spanish saving banks, Chaffai and Dietsch used directional distance function to evaluate business risk of French retail banks.

International Monetary Fund Takan M. Sometimes, banks may have market power; Berger et al suggests estimating a non standard profit frontier which become very popular in estimating profit efficiency in banking. Results show that Islamic banks have the lowest resiliency to shocks when compared to the two other banks categories while a shock on non lending activities has a much more impact on Islamic business sero business risk.

Given a sample of inputs and outputs of banks, these functions project a bank into the frontier to derive a measure of its technical efficiency. The effect of global crisis on Islamic and conventional banks.

It seems that this is the new merging shape of banking in nolj new millennium when most customers are able to access to their bank accounts and conducting any transactions such transfer of money to their different accounts, paying bills, paying loans and mortgage easily and happily via telephone or the Internet.


Journal of the Econometric Society, — They came to validate the Fama and French model and they also mentioned that Variable momentum allows better explain the performance of Canadian equities.

Bu kararnameden sonra However, the parametric method needs to assume a particular functional form for the distance function, while noly non parametric method is functional form free. In the context of quantitative methodology, we collect, calculate and represent -through figures and charts- relevant data. It will reduce the costs and improve services to customers. The transition took place around the world to practice the Islamic banking system which covers various kdf of life not only in Muslim countries but also in other part of the world.

Is there a cost to faith-based investing: Serii of Banking and Finance, 30 Srairi S. In accordance with kkdv developments, the interest-free banks were allowed to be established in our country with the Decree Law of Both of these data sets are based on monthly data.

Technical efficiency level u could be estimated according to the conditional method of Jondrow et al. In this context, there are different studies listing various reasons for dominance of murabahah over partnership arrangements such as agency problems, riskiness, lack of property rights for PLS instruments Dar and Presley, ; lack of transparency, high monitoring costs and asymmetric information for PLS instruments Febianto and Kasri,