June 27, 2019

Download Corvette Owners User Manual C6 Chevrolet Corvette: Image Gallery & Pictures. Chevy Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manual [Chevrolet] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. oem. Corvette Owner’s Manual with Leatherette Case. including Corvette Pen. Corvette Map Light. Corvette Sticky Note Pad. The ball point pen is marked.

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See Figure 5 above. Worst case scenario can result in the need to replace the battery, the PCM, and the wiring harness.

To resolve this issue, General Motors released a new style plug that features a twist-lock to prevent the plugs from falling out, but these plugs also require a new headlight bezel. Chevrolet did decide to make the formerly-optional Heads-Up-Display standard cotvette all Z06 Corvettes. Covers Most models of the C-5 Corvette. More frequent lubrication may be required when exposed to a corrosive environment.

2002 C5 Chevrolet Corvette: Specifications, VIN, Options, Performance, Recalls, & More

The modifications to the amnual clutch included the use of premium alloy wire during fabrication of the damper springs and the design of the damper springs were actually changed to increase the clutch wind-up rate. C5 Corvette Manuals Refine Results. Look for any other loose or damaged safety belt system parts. At present, this is the only known method to resolve this issue. Owners May Contact Sabersport At Sales also remained strong for both the coupe and convertible Corvettes.


Film star Jim Caviezel Passion of the Christ, Pay It Forwardwould pilot the C5 pace car for the 86th running of the famous Corvetfe Day weekend race, and the overall reaction to the Corvette was positive.

Tire and Wheel Inspection: Cosmetically, virtually nothing changed on the Z06 coupe. It is not necessary to check the transmission fluid level during a visual inspection of the actual transmission. To help ensure proper operation, a pressure test of the cooling system and pressure cap is recommended at least once a year.

Chevrolet does have a bulletin out instructing Corvette owners how to janual insulate against the humming sound of the fuel pump. Download Corvette Owners User Manual. This problem will cause carbon buildup in the cylinders.

Many C5 Corvette Coupes with the removable roof tend to create a fair amount of wind noise and creaking during normal vehicle operation.

Turn the ignition to ON and with the engine off. However, when inspecting the brake rotors, it is important to observe if the rotors are cracked, as a cracked rotor will require replacement.

Chevrolet Corvette Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

The primary reason for this was that the model year would represent the fiftieth anniversary of the Corvette, and GM wanted to celebrate the landmark event with a special 50th anniversary model. This is a popular upgrade and modification for any New GM parts, No Imitations.


A fluid leak is the only reason for fluid loss. Likewise, while the ZR-1 maintained an average quarter mile time of You get the following GM factory service manuals: While the aforementioned ZR-1 Corvette, in its best years, was capable of times in 4.

Cleaning should be done every 50 hours of tape play. Lubricate all body door hinges.

See Figure 3 above. Perhaps because the ownerss and convertible had already been refined during the first several years of its production run, the evolution of the C5 line as a whole now seemed to corvettte centered around advances being made around the Z06 — and it was a decision that GM was certain would pay off.

Remember to reset the system whenever the oil is changed. When combined with the newly designed cast-spun wheels which replaced the previous forged aluminum wheel seta weight reduction of nearly two pounds was achieved.

This situation can be fixed by placing a layer 0202 burlap between the springs and the foam padding. The OEM rubber bushings on the Corvette manual shifter boxes mount often fail after only a few thousand miles.