April 3, 2019

74HC08N datasheet, 74HC08N pdf, 74HC08N data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, NXP Semiconductors, Quad 2-input AND gate. The 74HC08 provides provides four independent 2-input AND gates . Please see AP at for latest version . 74HC Quad 2−Input AND Gate. High−Performance Silicon−Gate CMOS. The 74HC08 is dimensions section on page 2 of this data sheet. ORDERING.

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74HC08N Datasheet pdf – Quad 2-input AND gate – NXP Semiconductors

Task 1 From the datasheet draw the following:. You will now see details about the chip in the ‘Component Browser’. In order to know about the operation of an IC we need to learn how to use data sheets from the manufacturer.

Within Component Browser select ‘OK’ to place the chip.

Task 1 From the datasheet draw the following: A window will pop up allowing you to select a new chip or 1 of the available gates within a chip. After completing Task 1 we now know what type of gate is represented in the 74HC08N, as well as knowing how to connect the pins and its performance characteristics.


The beauty of Multisim is that it has a massive database of ICs from a large variety of manufacturers. Try different combinations with the two switches and describe what occurs in the Logic Analyser display. In the component browser type in ’74HC08N’. We are now going to look at a very basic example of how to use this to our advantage.

Note that once a logic gate is placed in the work area you have the ability to keep placing more logic gates until you close the ‘Component Browser’. What information is provided? Click on the hyperlink or go to the data sheet section of the laboratory notes.

74HC08; 74HCT08 Quad 2-input AND Gate

Task 2 Within the Component Browser: The laboratory notes datsheet for you the data sheets for the ICs used in this experiment. Task 2 Within the Component Browser:. You can change the keyboard assignment that controls a switch by right clicking on the switch and changing its properties.

Task 3 With the Logic Analyser open click on the ‘play’ button to start the simulation. In section one we looked at the behaviour of basic logic gates using Multisim. Now that you have one component in place build the circuit below using the knowledge you have obtained so far: Select the 6V component. Datasyeet you come to your first laboratory Make sure you have completed the pre laboratory activity.


When do changes occur to the output signal in relationship to the clock? Multisim tries to simulate the operating characteristics of these chips.

Now that you have one component in place build the circuit below using the knowledge you have obtained so far:. The key datasheett answering this question is to understand the relationship between the output signal and the clock signal.

When you finish simulating your circuit do not forget to stop the simulation.

74HC08N datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits 74HC08; 74HCT08 Quad 2-input AND Gate

You cannot make changes until the circuit has been stopped! To be able to understand how to use eatasheet chip we need to be able to read the manufacturers 74HC08N data sheet.

If you require datasheets for other ICs in the future then a great place to find them are from online electronic websites such as Element