June 2, 2019

Abandoned by Anya Peters. likes. ‘Abandoned: the true story of a little girl who didn’t belong’ – published by HarperCollins became a bestseller. ‘Abandoned’ got to number 2 in The Sunday . The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Abandoned: The true story of a little girl who didn’ t belong by Anya Peters at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping.

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Separated from her real mother at birth, Anya grew up in terror of her drunken bullying uncle. Still an interesting read and one that I would recommend.

February 23, at 6: March 3, at 7: The only person she could trust was the woman she called ‘Mummy’. This book is disturbing on many levels, perhaps the biggest one being that the aunt allows the abuser to move back into the home with children still living there and the author asks to move back in as well.

Mar 31, Silversnow rated it really liked it. As a result, they suffer mental illness. The second half of the book talks about her homelessness as an adult and how she tries to piece her life back together.

Abandoned by Anya Peters

The first half of Abandoned was…well, shocking and heartbreaking. I had run out of money and luck and just about out of hope. Overall it was a very good book and definantly pulls on the heart strings. Refresh and try again. Her aunt, who she called Mummy, was the only person- and I do mean the ONLY person- in her young life to show her any love. Tout le meilleur pour vous. It was well written and her sadness and wanting to belong grabs you from its pages.

We would all respond differently…. She used interesting words and phrases that were interesting and worked with the plot. People baring all of their difficult childhoods and how they became better people. Anya Peters is a really good writer though. I just finished your book, Abandoned.


She also hopes that her Mummy and Kathy might also find a place in her life, she also plans to open up herself to Brendan. Anya Peters Wanderingscribe Skip to content.

Anya Peters

Child abuse is a really sensitive issue and I feel it should be handled very carefully. All her terrible secrets came pouring out. It was sometimes unbelievable how your family have reacted day to day.

Its truly a wonder that a child survived through all this! I thought it dragged out the part of her sleeping in the car and dragged it out way to long. As I said, Im only about half way through, so hoping it takes an upward swing for you from here on, though of course, what you have been through is damaging for life.

She was in abusive relationships, couldn’t find work, was homeless, etc. This site uses cookies. Enter your email address below to follow this blog abanroned receive notifications of new posts and books! I was unable to sleep for several nights after reading this heart wrenching book.

After all you have been through you have kept fighting, and I admire you for that. It was so sad!! When her brothers started calling her a ‘whore’, Anya cracked and all her terrible secrets came pouring out. I also like to write, as I have so much to express. Apr 09, Kayla kaylareads rated it really liked it.

I have never been in a situation like this but I know what it feels like annya have your world turned upside down. Notify me of new comments via email. To be denied this, denies you of a huge chunk of your childhood.

Anya you are an exemple of courage and your personality is exeptional. Jul 01, Rachel Zylstra rated it it was amazing. My old blog is at wanderingscribe. October 13, at 6: But when she ended up homeless, living in her car, she knew she had to face her past if she was ever going to find happiness and security again. You can download my eBook: You are commenting using your WordPress.


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Mar 20, Louise rated it it was amazing Shelves: I am not sure that I could have handled the situation as well as she did if I was in her situation. You are commenting using your Facebook account. It took me a little time to get into Anya’s memoir but after I read so far into it I was hooked.

I’ve been reading a few books about abuse lately and you think that nothing else can shock you. I found it a little difficult to keep track of all of the different people mentioned but maybe that’s just me.

A hope for tomorrow, A task for today, through troubles or sorrow, each trial on lifes way…A purpose for living, A test you must meet, Accepting each challenge, The bitter, the sweet… Cast aside every problem, Rise above endlessfears, Keep the dream you are dreaming, wipe away hurtful tears…Understanding — forgiveness, A soul that knows peace, The joy of believing, As heartaches then cease…The courage thats needed to travel each mile, A purpose unequaled- A life thats worthwhile.

I only wish that petwrs think before taking any hasty decisions especially when it involves a child. I wish you a long happy life after such a terrible start.