April 21, 2019

Each ACLS Megacode Scenario within the simulator will take you through situations that you will experience when you perform your ACLS Megacode Skills . The ACLS megacode simulator provides code scenarios that make learning ACLS simple. Complete training covering the entire AHA ACLS Provider. Test your skills and knowledge with these four ACLS Megacode Scenario Simulations covering; Ventricular Rhythms, Bradycardia, Narrow Tachycardia and.

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Copyright Elsevier Inc. Patient is in PEA. Emergency Food Allergy Plan.

The traditional group performed with megacoce marks at providing proper drug dosages compared to the SPOTI students. The previous day he had a similar episode. The objective of this study was to determine if scenario-based, performance-oriented team instruction SPOTI improves educational outcomes for the ACLS instruction of Korean paramedic students. However, the students enrolled in the SPOTI method resulted in higher megacode core compliance scores compared to students trained in traditional ACLS course megacore.

ACLS Megacode Simulator

megacpde Which one of the following is the best treatment at this time? Physiological effects and uses. You are a second year medical student in the ED and EMS brings in a patient with the following complaints: Monitor displays VT but vital signs are unstable.


Which of the following is the best treatment of choice?

Class / Event Detail

He denies nausea, vomiting, fever, cough or any GI complaints. Which one of the following is the drug of choice?

Dynamics of Healthcare, LLC. You are a second year medical student in the ED and consulted to determine the best treatment for a patient in A-fib with unstable vital signs. What is DJ probable diagnosis at this time? Which one of the following is the treatment of choice? Which of the following is the first drug of choice? Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

We wish to explore the advantages of a scenario-based performance-oriented team instruction SPOTI method to implement core ACLS skills for non-English-speaking international paramedic students. Patient is on a monitor and it displays a Ventricular Fibrillation VF with no pulse.

ACLS Megacode Simulator

The pain was not pleuritic and resolved shortly after resting. The pain radiated down both arms, he became diaphoretic and dyspneic. Lect 2 – Cypress College. MR acs and mehacode. In addition, the SPOTI group performed with higher marks on rhythm recognition compared to the traditional group. Anaphylaxis Emergency Treatment Plan. Patient placed on a CR monitor and displays VT.


While in the ED he says that his pain is returning. In particular, the SPOTI study group excelled at physical examination skills such as airway opening, assessment of breathing, signs of circulation, and compression rates. One group of 15 students was taught the traditional ACLS course.

His present meds atenolol and lovastatin. He denies recent upper respiratory infections.

These differences did not achieve statistical significance due to the small sample size. Thirty Korean paramedic students were randomly selected into two groups.

Pharmacological treatment for Megacose Myocardial Infarction. All 30 students passed the ACLS megacode examination.