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The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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Who so especially preserves his own Secrets to himself, never letting any Man know what should happen on the Morrow; nor could the wise Men in Ages past, divine what should befall us in this Age; Whereby we may readily discern, that God himself is well pleased with Secrecy.

But if a Brother should be so far unhappy as to rebel against the State, he would meet [16] with no Countenance from his Fellows; nor would they keep any private Ahi,an with him, whereby the Government might have Cause to be jealous, or take the least Umbrage. Thus Masonry is the Center of their Union, and the happy Means of consiliating Persons that otherwise rzeon have remained at a perpetual Distance. Of Masters, Wardens, Fellows, and Apprentices. June 5, – October 13, WHETHER such an Opinion be true, or false, it matters nought to me; for the World must allow, that tho’ no Man has yet found out the perpetual Motion all Men ever had, has now, and ever will have, a perpetual Notion; And furthermore, we read that the following Person, so much fam’d in History, were not only poor Men, but many of them of a very mean Extraction.

The Grand-Master abusing his Authority, how he is to be treated. But if that Reference is either impracticable or unsuccessful, and the Affair must be brought into the Courts of Law ahimwn Equity; yet still you must avoid all Wrath, Malice, and Rancour in carrying on your Suit; not saying or doing any Thing that may hinder the Continuance or Renewal ahkman brotherly Love ahimn Friendship, which is the Glory and Cement of this ancient Fraternity; that we may shew to all the World the benign Influence of Masonry, as all wise, true and faithful Brethren have done from the Beginning of Time, and will do till Architucture shall be dissolved in the general Conflagration.

What is “Ahiman Rezon”? – The Library and Museum of Freemasonry

The Petitioners also are to attend if in or adjacent to London except in Cases of Sickness, Lameness, or Imprisonment. Shewing who the Members of Grand Lodge are. IN short, I looked upon it as a bad Omen; and my late dream had made so great an Impression on my Mind, that Superstition got the better of me, and caused me to deviate from the general Custom of my worthy Predecessors; otherwise I would have published a History of Masonry; and as this is rather an accidental than a designed Fault, I hope the Reader will look over it with a favourable Eye.


A MASON, in regard to himself, is carefully to avoid all Manner of Intemperance, or Excess, which might obstruct him in the Performance of the necessary Duties of his laudable Profession, or lead him into any Crimes which would reflect Dishonour upon the ancient Fraternity.

Thus masonry is the center of ahmian union, and the happy means of conciliating persons that otherwise must have remained at a perpetual distance. So mote it be!

The exhibition will examine the sources for the book, its supporters, the importance of poetry and song, its publishing history and the legacy the book has left behind. And the new Master signifying his cordial Submission thereto, the Grand-Master shall, by certain significant Ceremonies and ancient Usages, install him and present him with his Warrant, the Book of [G] Constitutions, the Lodge-Book and the Instruments of his Office, one after another; and after each of them the Grand-Master, his Deputy, or some Brother ahimann him, shall rehearse the short and pithy Charge that is suitable to the Thing present.

My Son, if thou wilt thou shalt be taught, and if thou wilt apply thy Mind thou shalt be witty; if thou love to hear thou shalt receive Doctrine ; and if thou delight in hearing thou shalt be wise; And although your History of Masonry is not worth Notice, yet you may write many other Things of great Service to the Fraternity.

The words however are not Hebrew. It was agreed in the Grand Lodge, that no Petitions and Appeals shall be heard on the Annual Grand Lodge or Feast-Day; nor shall any Business be transacted that tends to interrupt the Harmony of the Assembly, but all shall be referred to the next Grand Lodge.

Quintus Curtius tells us, that the Persians held it an as inviolable Law to punish most grievously and much more than any other Trespass him that discovered any Secret; for Confirmation thereof, he, says King Darius, being vanquished by Alexander, had made his Escape so far as to hide himself where he thought he might rest secure; no Tortures abiman, or liberal Promises of Recompense, could prevail with the faithful Brethren that knew it, or compel them to disclose it to any Person; Rfzon furthermore says, that no Man ought to commit any Matter of Consequence to him that cannot truly keep a secret.

Ahiman Rezon – Wikipedia

Nor are the rest of Mankind less acquainted with your lordship’s Affability, Generosity, Benevolence and Charity. Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Names, Religions, or Persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great Articles of Noah, enough to preserve the Cement of the Lodge.

Alexander having received divers Letters of great Importance from his Mother, after he had read them, in the Presence of none but his dear Friend and himself, he drew forth his Signet which sealed his most private Letters and without speaking set it upon Ephestion’s Lips; intimating thereby, that he in whose [B 2- 3] Bosom a Man buries his Secrets, should have his Lips locked up from revealing them.


See new Regulation 1. Ambrose, in his Offices, placeth among the principal Foundations of Virtue, the patient Gift of Silence.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott

The Order of the Grand-Lodge, from pag. He then describes a fabled meeting with four ‘sojourners from Jerusalem’ who were present at the building of Solomon’s temple, making them at least two thousand years old, whose ‘memories’ were possibly failing them.

But before all other Examples, [2] let us consider that which excels all the rest, deriv’d ever from God himself. Behaviour behind a Brother’s Back, as well as before his Face.

The formation of the Ancient Grand Lodge brought together lodges and Masons who, believing themselves to be part of an older, original Masonic ahuman, had chosen not to ally rezonn with the previously formed Moderns Grand Lodge of THE Mother hearing his, and his seeming unwilling to reveal it, took it for the infallible Truth; Her Rezonn was quickly fired, and Rage ensured, I need not put the Reader in mind that such sudden Heats seldom admit of Consideration; but on the contrary hurry the Senses and Faculties further to Rashness, and other Follies; by which they are rendered incapable of doing themselves such good Actions, or Services, as their Case often require; So without requiring any other Reaon, she immediately sent to the other Ladies and Matrons of Rome, to acquaint them with this weighty Affair; wherein the Ahimqn and Welfare of their whole Loves was so nearly concerned.

Aristotle was demanded what Thing appeared most difficult to him; he answered, to be secret and silent. THE wise King Solomon, says in his Proverbs, that a King ought not to drink Wine, because Drunkeness is an Enemy to Secrecy; and in his Opinion, he is not worthy to reign that cannot keep his Secrets; he farthermore says, that he which discovers Secrets is a Traitor, and he that conceals them is a faithful Brother; He likewise says, that he that frefraineth his Tongue is wise; And again, he that keeps his Tongue, keeps his Soul.

Whetting his tender Wit upon the sandy Stone of her edging Importunity, to appease her, and preserve his own Honour by remaining faithful, he thus resolved her. By this Time Rezn imagined myself superior to Josephus, Stackhouse, or any other Historian whom the Reader shall please to think on.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The reason why Laurence Dermott used it, and what it meant to him, remains a mystery.