March 26, 2019

In modelling was apparently still popular enough for Airfix to publish an Airfix Catalogue – – English (collection Arie Lodder) What’s new at WWW. Airfix other in scale No, Twelfth Edition is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Catalogues. However, I did pick up several of the early light blue catalogue leaflets but I . It was reprinted in June and a small “R” was stamped next to the price.

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Both had prices see CS19 and page numbers included.

The inside covers featured colour reproductions of airfic the new Type 3 paintings. Only one leaflet was produced, the 1 st Edition. The Insert was a 6 page leaflet with full colour cover and insides.

Airfix Collectors Club

The magnificent Harrier picture graced the front cover. I expect that there were four runs to cater for the longer period of the catalogue.

In one of each I have a separate insert with new prices on and these were both reproduced in CS There were three issues. Both have on the airflx. Notable were the 1: The insides were still in shades of blue.

Page size was now mms by mms. Inside were photos and boxtops of 21 new models inc. It carried the catalogue number of INS.


There were a few extra kits listed and they were slightly larger than the yellow one at mms by mms. An orange version without prices was issued, plus one with Woolworths on.

Airfix Catalogue 12th ed 1975

It was announced in the April Airfix Magazine. The Type 4 logo also appeared for the first time on a leaflet see CS It featured the 1: There were two airfis, one with prices and one without. The Halifax leaflets were issued from late until and were issued separately to the catalogues. There were 11975 less than five leaflets issued, three price lists and two supplements.

Most ranges were now illustrated in Type 4 packaging.

12th Edition Catalogue

Printed in December for issue in Januaryagain there is no mention of a catalogue number. It was based on the first issue. Subsequent ones would be in portrait mode and apart from and would all be A4 size.

It was the same size as the 6 th Edition and had the same number of pages. Inside was a new four page leaflet in yellow mms by mmsslightly larger than the blue ones.

They were the same size as the yellow one but were in portrait mode. New Kits Catalogue — Being the first catalogue it is possibly the most sought after.

It was being sold with a 1 st Edition catalogue so I believe it must be the first of two price lists for the 1 st edition. I believe it was probably an export version because the inner back page about catakogue Modellers Club was replaced with the back page of the 11 th Edition. The first featured extra kits plus the three new Dogfight Doubles and the Dennis Fire Engine, which was moved to Series 5.


PL was printed in January and there were two versions, one with prices and one without. They are not shown in the 3 rd Edition price list. The 2 nd edition was numbered and had an all-white logo on the front. One without the price firstone with the price second? The listing was identical to the price list and was clearly cztalogue to be a counter-top leaflet. The first listed exactly those models in the catalogue, cxtalogue some were asterixed and was I think included in the catalogue as well as on the counter.

Two were issued which had slightly different prices due to a small reduction in Purchase Tax see CS There were three issues of the leaflet.