November 15, 2019

User Review – Flag as inappropriate. This book is a must have (and a life saver) if you ever: Had silver amalgams -Had vaccines -Broke a CFL lightbulb or. Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment. Front Cover. Andrew Hall Cutler. Andrew Hall Cutler, – Dental amalgams – pages. This book was written by a chemical engineer who himself got mercury poisoning from his amalgam dental fillings. He found that there was no suitable.

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I immediately told my business partner Laura”We have to get this book”! Blood sugar and brain energy after a meal. We believe this ctler the best book on the subject of mercury toxicity that you can find.

Mercury comparison of poisoned dentists and the general population. Doctors will tell you you’re sick because you have bad genes, that you are not trying hard enough to get healthy, that it’s all in your head.

kllness At night you keep your chelator doses with a bottle of water at the head of your bed. Diagnosis and Treatment is, by far, the most in-depth and complete books I’ve read on addressing Heavy Metal Toxicity.

Thanks to a spontaneous conversation with our website designer who, unbeknownst to us, had fibromyalgia and recovered after having her amalgam a. I was extremely ill as I had bought this new high speed electric toothbrush. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Well, it’s not very hard. Mercury is well-known to be highly toxic and has long been known to cause innumerable serious health issues. Proper diagnostic procedures are given so that sick people can decide what is wrong rather than trying random treatments.


Customers who bought this item also bought. No politics, no holds barred doctors!! I am an engineer and I know how wrong mercury can be for you, unfortunately I didnt know this when they put it inside me.

Real health ilness hard, period. Laura rated it liked it Feb 21, As a nurse, I have learned the most from those types. Since then, the ADA has threatened to revoke the license of any dentist claiming to be a mercury-free dentist, so don’t accuse your dentist of ignorance.

Books by Andrew Hall Cutler

Much of this information is covered several times at different levels so that you can find the amount of detail that best suits you. Back Fight Autism and Win: It’s All in Your Head: If you don’t have amalgam mercury-based, a.

A must read if you are toxic with mercury. I could already feel better after my amalgam removal. Books by Andrew Hall Cutler. I smalgam getting better slowly but chelation with AC protocol is giving fast results.

I personally find it almost comical that although the FDA has warned of mercury of farmed salmon and other lilness, it has yet to issue a red flag on dental amalgams, which can potentially be x more dangerous than the small amount of methylmercury coming from fish.


Many conditions, from Parkinson’s disease and autism – widely recognized as terrible afflictions, to those like chronic fatigue and fibromyalagia which, though equally serious, are disparaged as “yuppie flu” can be undiagnosed mercury poisoning. The accumulation of mercury also prevents the body from detoxing other chemicals.


His research has led to a number of publications in chemistry, chemical engineering and space related journals. It has helped me learn what supplements to take to make me feel better, to chelate and remove the mercury, when to take them, and to be able to talk to my dentist knowledgeably and request what’s necessary.

Before I had a mouth full of metal and was quite ill, now I am able to function properly and getting healthier everyday.

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After finding out that the mercury in his amalgam fillings was the source of his terrible illness he illnesx able to read the medical literature and determine a chemically sensible procedure to get well.

Everyday you are exposed to toxic chemicals. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Using his schedule, you only experience redistribution at the end of a “round” or amount of time continually taking the chelator.

This book is especially valuable amaogam some physicians are not yet familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of chronic mercury poisoning.