May 9, 2019

Bei Anlagen kann die Anleitung in der Anleitung des Hauptformulars ( Mantelbogen) enthalten sein. Einkommensteuer-Mantelbogen – ESt 1A. I have nothing to claim VAT back on for , I failed to keep receipts etc. .. So in the Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand ignore the words. line put an X in the box to the left of “Anlage Vorsorgeaufwand” and an X in . salaries for which you had to pay public pension payments in the year

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If these are silly then i am sorry for bothering everyone: How should I clarify or address this German case law to the Finanzamt in order to proceed with my Tax Return with my spouse Portuguese income?

Information about filling tax returns in Germany

If yes, transfer it to the tax form. My wife has a work permit so as you explained they should normally accepted all her costs as werbungkosten How can I show travel cost if my wife is using carpooling Mitfahrgelegenheit?

Here’s an article in German on this for your wife. So you will have 2 Anlage N within that tax return. You cannot save what you fill in, except as an XML file.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I’m not a tax adviser Steuerberater and in Germany only tax adviser are allowed to give tax advice.

Filing a tax return – help on how to file – Page 13 – Finance – Toytown Germany

Started by werok4 Jan No matter which Elster path you choose, you still don’t have to submit 0209 invoices right away and maybe never. I have nothing to claim VAT back on forI failed to keep receipts etc. I have given following documents. In June I started working as an Arbeitnehmer. Finanzamt Prenzlauer Berg, Storkower Str.


German tax votsorgeaufwendungen differentiates between 7 different income categories, and for each category you need to fill in different tax forms:. You just have to assure them that your wife intends to find a job in Germany immediately after finishing her Master’s degree and that she will then start paying taxes to the German state, i.

You will get another 45 minutes to fill in that page. Started by Natalie2 Jan One point I needed to clarify First off, if you had a life insurance contract running, into which you entered before 1.

So my vorsorgeaufwendungne are three: Go To Topic Listing Finance. Do I have to do anything with the rest of the form sections C-F?

On top of those trips to you and back againyour wife is also allowed to claim for her daily trip between her flat in the university town and her university, but only the simple distance, i. To give up your Kleinunternehmer activity simply write to the Finanzamt the following letter. Couple of simple questions: So, basically, as a Kleinunternehmer vorsorgeaufwensungen act just like a end-user normal citizen and ignore VAT altogether.

Your email address will not be published. I’m EU and invoices were without Umsatzsteuer. Posted 5 Jan Posted 9 Feb You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. While you’re at it, since she is a Kleinunternehmer who doesn’t charge VAT, she will also have had to put in a special sentence into her invoices taken from this good example of a Kleinunternehmer invoice:. The idea being that these expenses are generated so that she can later find a job and generate employee income and pay income tax of her own.


Thank you all for all the explanations already given to IvoMV that guided me during this process. Also, is there any formal way to “close” my Kleinunternehmer business, since I doubt I’ll pick it up again and I’m not going to have any freelancer income in the foreseeable future?

Do I also need to voorsorgeaufwendungen Anlage S, although they haven’t requested it? I got my steuernummer and a letter saying it applies to the following taxes: No, this is not a mistake, it really says Is this also valid if one’s wife is doing her vorsorveaufwendungen or master degree?

Filing a tax return – help on how to file – Page – Finance – Toytown Germany

I really appreciate it. You should use the exchange rate from these official tables. First off, you should read the TT Elster wiki: You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I am trying to fill up the tax forms and I have come cross to one vkrsorgeaufwendungen about the travel fees vorsorgeaufwrndungen which actually is the distance from the home to office, I know that I have to multiple the number of the working days in a year to distance and then to 0.

Posted 6 Jan If it were that easy, everybody would just keep their money parked outside Germany and live the high life.

Taxes for self employed people can be tricky. Prev Next Page of Yes, you have to submit the Anlage S if you were a freelancer who does not have to pay Gewerbesteuer, i. How to fill in Anlage N.