August 11, 2019

Recommended Practice for Drill. Stem Design and Operating Limits. API RECOMMENDED PRACTICE 7G. SIXTEENTH EDITION, AUGUST EFFECTIVE. API RP 7G (R). Recommended Practice for Drill Stem Design and Operation Limits, Sixteenth Edition, Includes Addendum 1 and 2 (). API RP 7G-2 (R). Recommended Practice for Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements, First Edition (Identical Adoption of.

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Enter the curvefor the correct pipe size and weight at the hole diameter. Dedendwn, b, and R A. Mechanism-Non-uniform bit rotation in which the bit slows or even stops rotatingmomentarily, causing the drillstring to periodically torque up and then spin free.

A magnifying minor may be used in crack detection of the box threads. Thoroughlycleanandexamine drill collarelevator for cracks with magnetic particle inspection. Compensate the value obtained for mud weight being used.

Air weight of Number 1 drill pipe anddrill collars: For many water-base drilling fluids, the fatigue life of steeldrill stems may be incmsed by maintaining pH a of 9. An API service classification for used drill fication system for rock bits. It is necessary to take the proper stretch to produce the r e q u i d blow. The pH scale is logarithmic; i.

Api Rp7g And Ds-1 Inspection & Api 5a5 And 5c1 Inspection Service Provider from Kolkata

M e t h d Substitute the tensile load value in formula 4z. Friction and drag on the wash pipe cause considerable increases in torque on the tooljoints and drill pipe, and should be considered when pipe is to be usedin ap type service. Determine the stretchin a 10,OOO foot string of drill pipe freely suspendedin 10 lWgal drilling fluid. The effect of stress-relief features is disregarded.


NS-1™ & NS-2™ for when you need equipment manufactured and inspected to a higher standard

It should benoted that fully quenched drivesections have normalized drive higher minimum tensile yield strength than sections when tempered to the same hardness level. In this text, long periods of time full secare: To commit to reduce ovcrall emissions and waste generation.

No adjustment is necessary unless the loading condition produces point or wrap contact- If this is the case, we can compute an adjustment factafromtheactualsizeofthetooljointandusethattocompute an equivalent hole curvature to determine the coT28cf bendingstress.

Drill pipe which has just been inspected and found fret of cracks may develop cracks after very short additionalservice through the additionof damage to previously accumulated fatigue damage. The purpose of this recommended practice is tostandardize techniques for the procedure of drill stem design and to dehe the operatinglimits of the drill stem.

I 10 Figure Approximate Axial Compressive. In turning iutervals the hole curvature also increases the buckling force of the drill pipe.

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String of 5-inch Spi, It is recommended that drill string members not Cracks The formularion and publication of API standards is not intended in any way to inhibit anyonefrom using any other practices. Applied also to the permanent bending Of roPe Or Pipe3.

Oxygen causes uniform corrosion and pitorganic acids formic, acetic,etc. The plot in ai enough,maycausefatiguedamage. Reduce unit stresses by using thicker walled components.

The manufacturerwill also list this bit designation Note: This could meau one of the followingtwo conditions exist: Rotary Shouldered Connection Interchange List Then, solve formula l However, theacceptablerange mayvary from 3.


The kelly moves through 3. Machining ofsquare kellys recondition the sections where welding been has performed. Next, substitute the value rof in formula 3, to obtain the effective collapse resistance under tension. The male section pin is tp7g to one end of a length of box is attached to the other drill pipe and the female section end Tool joints may be welded to the drill pipe, screwed onto the pipe, or a combination of screwed on and welded. This extension may be accomplished by any of the following means: Drill pipe will suffer fatigue whenit is rotated in a section of hole in which thereis a change of hole angleandor direction, rp7gg called a dogleg.

Proper heating and between the drivesection and the rl7g aid in the prevenwelding p m x x h m s must be used to prevent cracking and to tion of fatiguecracks in this area. This recommended pmctice dp7g become gective on the date printed on the cover b u may be used voluntarilyfrom the date ofdistribution. Failure gists and specialists. API publications maybe used by anyone desiring to do so. Use the lowest strength drill pipe capable of withstanding Thehighertheamountofatomichydrogenand H2S the required drilling conditions.

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The distance from the shoulder to der, visually verify that the mating shoulders connection of the are the apu should be V, inch. Thepipebodycontactforcewillbe about pounds under a 35, pound axial load For this curvatureratethecontactwillbeatthecenterofthespan. Calculationsare also basedon a tensilestress of 60 percent of theminimum tensile yieldfor tool joints.