ASTM G154-06 PDF

August 17, 2019

Engaged Expert Terry Candlish discusses ASTM G and G tests which are used to evaluate sunlight and moisture exposure. ASTM. ASTM G & G UV Testing. The UV testing was performed on ecomère by Touchstone Labs in Tridelphia, WV, again at the request of Southern . ASTM G – Designation: G – 06 Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Appara.

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Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. While this data is provided for comparison purposes only, it is desirable for the laboratory accelerated light source to provide a spectrum that is a close match to the benchmark solar spectrum. Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard.

Following are some representative g154-066 conditions. The default lamp for this and other cycles is the UVB lamps with peak emission at nm, but?

ASTM G and G Explained | Element

Cycles 3 and 4 have been used for exterior automotive materials. E Previous versions of this standard used window glass? If the aim of testing is to boost color fastness, UV-A bulbs are ideal.

Therefore, no reference shall be made to results from the use of this practice unless accompanied by a report detailing the speci? Whenever possible, calibration should be traceable to national or international standards. When rays of sunlight—particularly UV rays—bombard a surface, they degrade g514-06 pigment particles, changing the surface color and creating a chalky effect.

A Data in Table 3 are the irradiance in the given bandpass expressed as a percentage of the total irradiance from to nm.

Include a control, to act as a weatherization standard. Other lamps, or g154-006 of lamps, may be used. The actual peak emissions are at and nm, respectively.


Tests using UVA lamps have been found useful for comparing different nonmetallic materials such as polymers, textiles, and UV stabilizers. Note—A footnote was added to Table X2.

ASTM G154 and G155 Explained

By using our website you consent to asttm cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Furthermore, tests using the same cycles and temperatures with these two lamps may exhibit differences in ranking of materials due to difference in the proportion of UV to moisture and temperature. In this standard, the terms UV light and UV radiation are used interchangeably.

Element can provide you with critically important data on your product or part’s performance in response to typical or extreme environmental stresses and conditions. See Practice G for detailed water quality instructions.

The apparatus described in Practice G 53 is covered by this practice. This is because window glass? It may be tempting to assume that shorter wavelengths, continuous exposure, high temperatures, and other variables can result in more intense acceleration. Exposures are not intended to simulate the deterioration caused by localized weather phenomena, such as atmospheric pollution, biological attack, and saltwater exposure.

Aging of glass can result in a signi? The round-robin shall be conducted according to Practice E or Practice D and shall include a statistically representative sample of all laboratories or organizations that would normally conduct the exposure and property measurement. See Practice G for further guidance. UV-B light accelerates the brittleness that materials, particularly polymers, may suffer as they age indoors.

These numbers represent the characteristic nominal wavelength in nm of peak emission for each of these lamp types. Masking or shielding the face of test specimens with an opaque cover for the purpose of showing the effects of exposure on one panel is not recommended.

A superscript epsilon e indicates an editorial change since the last revision or reapproval. Brass, steel, or copper shall not be used in the vicinity of the test specimens. Our Engaged Experts can help you select the best UV bulbs for your testing purposes. Make an inquiry today. Hemispherical on 37 Tilted Surface. Differences in lamp intensity or 2 6. Practice G describes general procedures to be used when exposing nonmetallic materials in accelerated test devices that use laboratory light sources.


Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. Prior to exposing the specimens, quantify the appropriate properties in accordance with recognized ASTM or international standards. Practice G describes performance criteria for all exposure devices that use laboratory light sources. Such instruments shall be shielded from the lamp radiation. Consequently, the use of a radiometer to monitor and control the radiant energy is recommended.

Remember, these accelerated weatherization tests cannot exactly reproduce outdoor conditions, as they cannot account for altitude, seasonal variations, local geographical features, and other variables. As such, the ASTM G and G tests produce comparative, not absolute data, but these comparative evaluations can still prove extremely valuable to designers. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. Care should be taken to keep silica levels below 0. This practice is limited to the procedures for obtaining, measuring, and controlling conditions of exposure.

The pH of the water used should be reported. F For the benchmark window glass? Moisture takes its own toll on surfaces, and the combination of sunlight and moisture can amplify damage, costing millions of dollars of depreciation each year.

Test results can be expected to differ between exposures using devices with? Therefore, these bulbs are useful for testing awtm applications. Active view current version of standard.

Annex A1 states how to determine relative spectral irradiance.