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However, the values are correct. This article first appeared in the Japanese magazine Radio Technology, December The cabinet is plastic and some shielding was used on the bottom to keep any hum or noise completely inaudible. They sound absolutely great, both as for what they are intended – to work as a good old analog radio – but also as an amplifier for external audio sources, including any digital source. The units for radiation exposure should be in mrem and not mR. July 26, by Robert Nance Dee.

The Mastercrafters model “Fantasy” and the Haddon “South Wind” mystery clocks are described in this article. The design allows greater coherence and smooth response for the system. No crossovers are used and electronic equalization corrects for response. Detailed instructions and diagrams for the cabinet and crossover are given, including how to make your own crossover coils. The ear is a biological transducer transforming acoustical energy into mechanical energy and then to electrical pulses.


June 8, by Simon Brown. Various listening techniques are discussed including listener bias as a factor in the results. Here is a top view of the stereo version showing the wiring.

The Etalage Magiclock and Rex Cole mystery clocks are also described in this article. Upgrading a Unique Stereo Column System. These are replacement light bulbs for your seat heater switches see pictures.

Published Articles by Roger Russell

October 21, by Bruce W. Simple and then more complex and expensive measurements are described.

Any comments, corrections, or additions are welcome. The photo shows the front of the expander-compressor. We thought it was time to make it available online in its entirety, in the best possible quality. A year later I sold the systems and moved on to newer designs.

The Dutch Secret is unique in that the ring is made of Plexiglas and is illuminated by a light in the base. This article was published in audioXpress, May Enclosures for High Compliance Speakers.

AudioXpress Magazine

A detailed process for hearing is described including a picture and several diagrams. In my photo on the right you can see one of the carriages and the fiberglass insulation on either side of the rails. Etalage and Rex Cole Mystery Clocks. The exceptional performance led to investing in a system having even smaller and much more expensive drivers that are of higher quality. Accurately setting the bias level for push-pull output stages is important to maximize amplifier performance and tube life.

This results in a stepped back arrangement for mounting the mid and tweeter.


When the center of the roof is only 30″ from the attic floor, it’s hard to get around up there. I gained feet of shelf space this way. July 15, by Joseph Norwood Still. A pot ajdioxpress 64 levels and precision metal film resistors that is hard to beat for sound or facility, as he describes it.

Ron Tipton was deeply impressed with this amplifier project which used only five transistors per channel, two of them being current sources.

An ideal project for the DIY enthusiasts. I added a description for a single channel compressor-expander as well.

Differences in Amp Sound: How Do We Find the Truth?

Several iron cores were exceptionally good, even up to watts, and a few were bad, even at 15 watts. All items in category Project Articles. In this classical tube amplifier project, author Bob McIntyre offers what is effectively the foundation for many designs that we can find currently in the market.

Mastercrafters and Haddon Mystery Clocks. Quality Issues in Iron Core Coils. For a more aueioxpress history, see my page about audoxpress history of this compressor-expander. In this audioXpress article, from MayBill Reeve shares how to approach such projects and provides excellent advice. I even incorporate some general semantics approaches about perception.