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Beyma 12KX professional 12 inch coaxial speakers for speaker replacement or upgrade. Beyma 12KX 12 inch coaxial speakers for all high quality 2-way. Beyma 15K 15 inch speaker for all high power subwoofer speakers. The Beyma 15K delivers warm defined bass with watts program power handling. Beyma · Products · Resources · Sales · Press · Contact. Menu. EN. ES · 中文. News. Newsletter. PL&S Guangzhou Acustica Beyma will be.

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Beyka impedance 16 ohms. Everything related to speakers, filter components, accessories, connectors, electronics and more for professionals and hobbyists.

Some horns provide acoustic EQ in the form of directivity that increases as a function of frequency, but constant directivity horns do not do this so electrical EQ is required. Minimum impedance – 6. Most notable are the discussions of frequency division between components, passive compensation networks for compression horn tweeters, directivity and polar response and proper setup for best imaging.

Skip to main content. Moreover, its versatile design allows it to be used as the low-mid loudspeaker in a two ways system or as an strictly mid-frequency transducer in a three ways system. This one is harder to find because cones begin to flex at higher frequencies, and the best ones to use are well damped, meaning the geyma flex doesn’t resonate uncontrollably.


Beyma compression driver 30W kHz 8Ohm.

Best Beyma horn Speakers (5/6) – Audiofanzine

The best crossover range, in my opinion, is between approximately 1kHz to 2kHz because it is above the midrange band, not too high for the woofer to reach nor too low for the tweeter, horizontal directivity is nearly matched and vertical nulls are outside the horn’s pattern at HF, provided the woofer and tweeter are reasonably spaced.

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Beyma 10G40 – 10″ W8 Ohm Loudspeaker. Beyma 10 inch coaxial loudspeaker. Browse Related Browse Related.

Subwoofer Beyma 12K specifications.

Power capacity – W RMS. As already stated, the cone shouldn’t excessively breakup, which would adversely affect on-axis sound quality as well as directivity, making peculiar off-axis patterns. When choosing midwoofers for a two-way design, I’d suggest looking at four areas – Frequency response, distortion, directivity and electro-mechanical parameters.

Polls E-mail to friend. Beyma 10 inch full range loudspeaker. Winding length 16 mm. The design concept of this low frequency transducer arises from the need of achieve a more resistant loud I generally prefer to stick with 12″ and 15″ woofers for DI-matched two-way speakers, because they can be favorably blended with a 90×40 horn at a useful crossover frequency.

There is also some good information that was made available at the Midwest Audiofest in the form of a handout geyma the ” Crossover Electronics ” seminar.

Suitable woofer candidates will have smooth response at relatively high frequency instead of a dip followed by a large peak and several dips and valleys after that. 12o200 21 inch low frequency loudspeaker W.


Depth – mm 4. Beyma 5 inch coaxial loudspeaker. Beyma 8 inch low frequency loudspeaker W.


D26NC Peerless 1 inch tweeter. Beyma 1 inch compression driver 50W 0. Beyma 10 inch HiFi low beyam loudspeaker W. Beyma 15 inch coaxial loudspeaker W. Some of the older alnico drivers can sound nice too, for similar reasons. Beyma 15G40 – 15″ W8 Ohm. For distortion, look for drivers with a shorting ring.

Those are always better. Thanks in advance, Jeff Report message behma a moderator. The listener no longer has to sit directly between the speakers, equidistant from each one.

Magnetic beyja weight – 1. Beyma pleated diaphragm tweeter. The cone size is important too, with larger cones becoming directional at lower frequency. Rated impedance – 8 Ohm.


What woofers should I be considering? Sat, 10 May 12kk200 sort of cabinet volume should I expect ballpark? They are wired for passive operation with a Beyma crossover within the cabinet. The thing I’m most concerned about is what to expect from the LF section. Frequency range – 70 –