June 15, 2019

Summary. What to do if the file size of your PDF is too large. Relevant Products. Bluebeam Revu version 7 and above. Problem. The file size of your PDF is too. Bluebeam Revu has helped many AEC professionals project a professional business image on PDFs. Adding markups can be a bit tricky. I used Blue Beam Revu software to reduce the file size, it take it down to It good to resize the PDF but if this is an image after resize the quality.

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I can easily markup drawings without any CAD experience needed.

Reducing the PDF file size

At a basic level, the software is similar to your run of the mill PDF editor. This works for contracts too. I think it is a great product for really any business. I have locked the toolbar and messed with it but randomly every now goes back.

I’m a learn by doing kind of person, so this suits me well. It has save a lot of time.

This is probably, after Outlook and the internet browser, the most used software on my computer. I don’t have to redraw a whole sheet blueebeam detail or trace an imported jpeg anymore.

Bluebeam Revu Reviews and Pricing –

It takes a little while to learn the program because many icons are unfamiliar at first. Edits are easy and you can really do some incredible things with this software. I tried to do my updates but I get an Access Is Denied error.

I would say planswift is a bit quicker for doing small quick takeoffs, but when we do larger jobs and especially jobs with breakouts Bluebeam starts to pull sshrink. Customize shrin to create signatures or other repetitive text like “Reviewed By Reducing the PDF file size. You can use it as an estimating takeoff tool, estimating database, document control system, cloud document storage and more!


I think that the search option could be refined. Only uses 1 cpu core at a time if it can utilize multiple cpu cores, I haven’t found a way to do it.

Bluebeam Revu

Same for creating forms. I’m speaking of Revu primarily from a project engineer perspective, working with multi-discipline teams located syrink the country. View full list of Construction Management Software. The different user type profiles are tailored to show the tools and functions that someone in that role would be more likely to use the most. The creation, modification, and use of the Stamps is another great tool for the contractor.

In the Reduce File Size dialog, choose the options you want and add the files to process. My office needed to find a pdf reader and editor that would not require an annual renewal like Adobe. Overall I think Bluebeam Revu is a wonderful program.

I use it for reviewing documents and drawings, marking up, sketching, quantity take off, illustrating, presentations, flowchart and Org Chart creations – just almost everything. I used to open two separate Adobe windows and then click and drag pages from one into another.

Its easy to use basic tools, as it has a similar interface with AutoCAD, but it also has some really good tools that are easy to learn with a little exploring. After watching these, and using the software for a few weeks, it got much easier. View full list of Punch List Software. I love Bluebeam but the version is terrible! I have found many tools harder to find and am not convinced of any productivity gains as a result of the interface change. I love how versatile this software is I use it daily for almost everything that I do as a project engineer.

Also, have to commend them for making changes based on customer feedback that greatly improved the takeoff process. It really can do whatever you think up, you just need to figure out what you want done. Bluebeam has a lot of buttons and features out-of-the-box.


How do you delete a stamp from the drop down list? Super easy to use and has tools for every type of user. You can even set spaces and do punch lists as well. A throughout understanding and knowledge of the trades your performing is required, you absolutely need to know your products that your working with in order to build workable templates.

The latest release saw some radical changes away from a ribbon-type interface into something more traditional. Extremely easy to use. It saved me so much time! I recommend it to everyone that can afford it! It is a great software for processing and editing PDFs. It currently brings up a dialogue box that is overly complicated and not intuitive. This can be irksome for large documents, as QC of hundreds of pages to ensure document was converted to PDF accurately is sometimes necessary.

Combining PDFs with ease as amazing.

Seemingly endless uses for both professional and personal use. The value is unbeatable! Perhaps there shrknk be a way to choose whether to only have the user who flattened be able to unlock it or to give access to teams.

This has been a time saver. I was amazed, right from the start, at how powerful it was blyebeam how many features it had that I never knew I needed! Usually this only occurs with MS Word docs that use MS features that are not commonly used in document formatting or content.

I use Bluebeam Revu for roofing and wall panel takeoffs.