May 10, 2019

The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) is a federal program offered by the United States Air Force which grants two-year Associate of Applied Science. To obtain more information concerning the CCAF ISD Certification Program and program procedures, refer to the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG or contact the. CCAF Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Certification Program The CCAF CCAF business practices referenced in the CCAF Campus Affiliations PPG.

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Students can reach Credentials Inc.

The associate in applied science degree consists of a minimum of 64 semester hours SH. This degree program is approved by the American Bar Association.

Each affiliated school is a component of a worldwide educational system.

Maximum Semester Hours Business Ethics Admission to Graduate School Doctoral Program. Until the mids, the CCAF offered only certificate programs. Air University achieved regional accreditation in Juneretroactive to the beginning of the calendar year. Examination results documented on other college or university transcripts which credit was used is not acceptable.

It has been publicized as a convenient way for an Airman to complete their 4-year degree. Degree programs are plg by Air Force technical experts, civilian or military consultants and reviewed by the Dean of Academic Affairs, Commandant, Policy Council and Board of Visitors.

Transcript Request Transcripts are processed within two business days of request.


PPG Sustainability Report – Home

A pog disenrolled for fraud will have his or her transcript annotated with student was disenrolled for submitting fraudulent documents.

Environment Our environmental footprint went down a size in General Education 15 semester hours Applicable courses must meet the criteria for application of courses to the general education requirement and agree with the definitions of applicable courses starting on page Maximum Semester Hours Audiovisual Media American Association of Bible Colleges. A maximum of 9 SHs of CCAF degreeapplicable technical course credit otherwise not applicable to the program of enrollment.

Not xcaf courses are science for elementary and secondary teachers, health, nutrition, and hygiene. Artelli July Air Force schools that provide technical and leadership, management and military studies education may voluntarily affiliate and become part of the CCAF system.

MSgt selects who meet all program requirements are caf. The master list of CCAF degree programs.

The process of meeting these standards and earning official recognition is referred to as credentialing. Courses in biological, physical and earth space science are acceptable.

Mailing time can be as long as 15 days. Education Technician Kathy Wright Education Technician Sharon Hooper If all avenues are exhausted and academic achievement continues below acceptable limits, the student may, under some circumstances, repeat a portion or the entire course this is called a washback.

Credit Earned at Carl Sandburg College. Foreign language credit earned pog the Defense Language Institute. Group editing is not supported in IE8.


Community College of the Air Force

Must not be developmental, preparatory, remedial, refresher or review. C Members normally serve annual renewable terms up to a maximum of nine years. Civilian collegiate institutions provide the course work to satisfy ppgg general education requirement GER of the degree programs and also provide course work to satisfy technical education, and leadership, management and military studies LMMS requirements not completed at CCAF schools.

Strayer University at the More information. The college is one of several federally chartered degree-granting institutions; however, it is the only 2-year institution exclusively serving enlisted personnel.

Program Elective Requirement 15 semester hours The following will satisfy the program elective requirement: Foreign transcripts must be official and in English or accompanied by an English translation from the evaluation service. The term Credential refers to professional licensure or registry, or certification which documents an individual s level of competency and achievement in cca specific profession.

Semester Hours Oral Communication Requests to substitute comparable courses or to exceed specified semester hour values in any subject or course must be approved in advance. When you enroll with ccxf your tuition includes: What is dual credit? However, the college awards proficiency P credit to Air Force enlisted members completing these courses.