February 20, 2019

CENTERPIECE plates with spinous process autografts, and resection of the C3, The Centerpiece Plate Fixation System (Medtronic Sofamor. Learn about cervical spinal fusion and a surgical technique known as anterior cervical fusion, also known as an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). Medtronic Sofamor Danek. CENTERPIECE T M Plate Fixation System. (k) Summary – K( May Submitter: Medtronic Sofamnor.

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Thoracic compression plate / laminoplasty – Centerpiece – Medtronic

Any Health Care Professional e. Damaged packages medtgonic products should not be used, and should be returned to Medtronic Sofamor Danek. This is a critical step in achieving a good fusion. Any case not described in the Indications. The nerve roots in the cervical spine branch from the spinal cord and travel anteroinferiorly before exiting the spinal canal via neuroforamina at the level of the intervertebral disc see image below.

Anterior Lumbar Spine ALIF Anterior In human anatomy, referring to the front surface of the body or the position of one structure relative to another Lumbar Relating to the loins or the section of the back and sides between More information. Unlike the exposure required for a laminectomy and fusion, the muscle origins and insertions over the lateral half of the lateral centerpiecd are preserved. The centerpice are fashioned to be somewhat stiff. It is important to discuss the possible risks, complications, warnings, adverse events, and other important medical information with your doctor.

If performed for only 1- or 2-level disease, the limited length of decompression does not allow the free migration of spinal cord dorsally. In the event that the posterior decompression ought to extend to the C2 level, this can be accomplished while respecting the integrity of the C2 posterior arch and the majority of its muscular origins and insertions.

This may be facilitated by applying a slight opening force to the laminae while using a nerve hook to separate the veins from the dura. Paired vertebral arteries course through the cervical transverse foramina from C6 to C1; they subsequently pass posteriorly and superiorly over the dorsal aspect of the atlas to join the basilar artery at the brainstem. The extremity is prepped and draped More information. The system includes screws, various. Anchors of 2, 2. Instrument set supports placement of ALIF spacers using anterior or anterolateral approach.


In selecting a procedure to recommend to their patients, surgeons must account for a number variables, such as the sources and location of compression, cervical alignment, segmental instability patterns, comorbid medical conditions, functional requirements of the host, degree of preoperative axial pain, etc.

Gently taping the shoulders can also improve access to the posterior neck. Features and Benefits 4. This approach is termed an anterior cervical fusion or an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion ACDF. Further, the proper selection and compliance of the patient will greatly affect the results. Unless marked sterile and clearly labeled as such in an unopened sterile package provided by the company, all implants and instruments used in surgery must be sterilized by the hospital prior to use.

Postoperative CT scanning showed no compromise of the foramen transversarium or neural foramen. Pressure on the skin possibly resulting in skin breakdown from component parts where there is inadequate tissue coverage over the implant.

Closure and postoperative instructions are the same as for laminoplasty, as described above see images below. Although the physician is the learned intermediary between the company and the patient, the important medical information given in this document should be conveyed to the patient.! If C2 is included in the construct, the authors typically place pars screws at that level.

The loose laminae should be grasped and stabilized with a suitable clamp eg. Medtronnic condition More information. If instrumentation is required at C7, the authors usually place lateral mass screws.


The completion of the bone separation on the open side can be performed with a 1. Cerebral spine fl uid leakage. A myriad of laminoplasty techniques have been described, none of which appear to differ to any great extent in their success rates.


To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Multiple other orthopedic companies make similar products. Information in large centepriece.

Instruments and implants for 1. The most prominent spinous process inferiorly is usually C7. Chen et al [7] reported on a technique that used a 3. Care must be taken to avoid two common errors: Only patients that meet the criteria described in the indications should be selected. Page 18 Post Operative Care The lateral mass screws are then placed.

Renovis T Cannulated Screw System 3. Depending on the length of the construct, patients may experience a variable loss of range of motion and may report stiffness postoperatively. Figure 17 Figure 17a Figure 17b. A review of bone grafting options for patients needing more bone to place dental implants Dental Bone Grafting Options A review of bone grafting options for patients needing more bone to place dental implants Dental Bone Grafting Options What is bone grafting?

The hinge is placed on the less symptomatic side to allow for better decompression of the more symptomatic side. The patient should be warned to avoid falls, sudden jolts, or sudden blows to the spine. The information contained in this document is intended for healthcare professionals only.

Patient Positioning and Centeripece 6 2. The laminoplasty is then opened as usual. A right hand dominant surgeon will medtornic wish to stand on the patient s left and open the left side. The ideal candidate for this procedure is young with minimal degenerative changes and normal lordotic alignment.