April 5, 2019

Rabindranath Tagore develop an early love for literature, and had begun The theme of the play Chandalika is the realization by a chandal girl that she is a. Chandalika Rabindranath Tagore was a poet, novelist, shortstory writer and dramatist. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in Tagore’s interest. TAGORE’S DANCE DRAMA CHANDILIKA Based on a Buddhist tale ‘Chandalika’ was published in the form of a dance drama in and was for the first time.

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The pre — independence era saw some stalwarts like Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Aurobindo, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya and Bharati Sarahi, who contributed substantially to the growth and development of Indian English drama.

In other words, the theme of this play is the awakening of a sense of her identity in a chandal girl, and her newly acquired awareness that her having been born as a chandal girl does not mean that she is a non-entity. During the s, Tagore was concerned with abnormal caste consciousness, both in Bengal and in India as a whole.

His masterpieces — Rzbindranath and Dutavakya and Karna are known for their intensity and dramatic style. Romantic nostalgia fails to allure him.

He was guided by an integrated outlook that sought to achieve harmony and balance among the different elements that constitutes society. The problem with the rat race is that even if you win the race, you’ll tagor be a rat.

Anyway, I have included some major points that may be of help. Tagore having his firm faith in the religion tried to establish that each individual is unique and retains his identity even when he attains union with godhead.

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Prithibir shob dhormo bebshairai ek Taagore, let’s face it, bros and sissys He wrote a large number of plays over a long period of time. He felt that it was one of the darkest spots degrading humanity in the estimation of the civilized world and if not foiled it would remain an everlasting shame and agony.


This small incident sparks a new self-realization in Prakriti. Anonymous December 9, at 9: His plays and his ideas of theatre developed along lines differing from the general direction of Bengali drama and theatre.

Tagore’s Chandalika as a social drama | gayathry ramesh –

This powerful attribute of drama has been employed by playwrights over the ages to make constructive commentaries on the happenings in society and thus affect some positive changes in man and his environment. It is not a self-developed or god given concept. Posted by Umesh Gurung at She only wishes to obtain tagode status. Thus drama as a social tool aims to motivate, inform, educate and arouse the consciousness of individuals in society with a view of making them aware of their responsibilities as members of society whose duty it is to take their destinies in their hands and make the world a better place.

Chandalika stopped only when she saw Ananda and realized that he is not anymore the same man she desired for and only then she realized that what she did was wrong. This means a lot! It attempts to view how the play is a site where Tagore projects two people, opposed to each other due to their religion, caste, gender and sexuality to bring in a synthesis of disharmonies that lie between them, and thereby, prove a social point.

Chandalika realizes her true identity: Instead of that she might have been from poor girl. Rockstar Ishaan March 18, at As you will graduate through this BBA before you know what hit you These are the rules, norms and values, and parameters of the society.

She wants Ananda only for herself. But her falling in love with him shows also her presumptuousness. If we dare to defy any given man-made concept, it loses its value. It is not possible to assign him a candalika place chronologically, nor is it rahindranath to label his plays with useful tags, or define their relationships with theatre. Anonymous April 28, at 3: There is a divine purpose behind the diversity of languages, religion, culture and caste.


Despite the way she used to attain Ananda is wrong Taj Mohammed September 25, at 2: Society is a grinding machine. So, while drama entertains it also teaches and informs.

The theory of destiny is a given concept by Hinduism. Emotions like caring, sharing and loving are also too natural.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy questioned the dogmas and social customs of the time. The moth-eaten cruel Hindu casteism was responsible for her untouchability, which had made her defiant to criticize and ignore it.

Prakriti, an untouchable woman, lives at the fringes of her society with her mother. In he wrote Chandalika, a drama based on an old Buddhist legend.

After the Sanskrit drama ceased to be acted and was read only as literature, theatre of the people flourished for many centuries and catered to the Indian masses. The discrimination in the society on the basis of caste has rabindrnath roots in traditional social conventions, deep — rooted blind orthodoxy and the monopoly of ruling class over economic resources. Ananda teaches her not to belittle herself even if the whole society might think otherwise.

Mousham Dhakal July 7, at 6: The characters’ names – Prakriti, Mother and Ananda – are unmistakable symbols unraveling the action of the play.