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Wieland, or, The Transformation has ratings and reviews. Bill said: How do you judge a writer who has a spark of genius but almost no talent o. : Wieland; or the Transformation and Memoirs of Carwin, The Biloquist (Oxford World’s Classics) (): Charles Brockden Brown, . Wieland; Or, the Transformation – an American Tale by Charles Brockden Brown. Xan Brooks on a year-old novel that provided a map for.

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This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat Clara and Theodore’s father was a German immigrant who founded his own religion; he came to America just before the American Revolution with the conviction to spread his religion to the indigenous people.

Wieland (novel) – Wikipedia

Brown gave his tragic hero a pedigree related to that of the actual German author Christoph Martin Wielandwho is mentioned obliquely in the text:. What does it represent symbolize? That was MY focus.

Now, imagine a young woman, who has been driven from her solitary house by a stranger coming from her closet with the intention of raping her, and who, some time afterwards, is lured back there, in the middle of the night, because she wants to retrieve a private journal.

Clara refuses to leave her house, until it burns down one day. I left fantastic descriptions of the story on all the book-freak message boards. Oh, and a person driven to a horrible crime because they believed the voice of God told them to?

I have to believe any contemporary praise given to this novel comes only from a place brosn intellectual sentimentality. The first two chapters of the book give an extensive family history of Clara and Wieland.

I read a great deal of less-than-awesomely-edited fiction lots of straight-to-paperback and e-book-only work so I am used to rolling over the rules when the story is good.


In Brown’s time, critics harshly faulted Brown for using ventriloquism as the device that drove the plot of the novel. It’s because of multiple stages of editing that ANY novel written in brovkden last ninety years is even readable. Wieland is a compulsive page-turner bron Clara Wieland developed into one of the most memorable female characters I know of. Their principles, moral, religious, and political, coincided with those of their pious and illustrious leader.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Brown, like Carwin, speaks using Clara’s voice. Soon, Theodore begins to hear voices and Catharine’s brother, Henry Pleyel, begins to hear them, too.

Wieland, or, The Transformation by Charles Brockden Brown

Clara is a very brave and wielan woman. It’s a male author writing from a female perspective and I was surprised how well he did with that. But, since the mutual crush would have been perfectly plausible and it fit, I accepted the lack of prior clues and moved on.

Brpckden I finished this book I wanted to talk about it, she was there, but I was a little nervous about mentioning the spontaneous combustion bit because she’s a church-going, Bible-believing Christian.

Wieland; Or, the Transformation – an American Tale by Charles Brockden Brown

Ah, we do it to ourselves. Still, unbelievable and clumsy as it occasionally was, it was an interesting place to spend a few hours, i It seems appropriate that the first professional novel to come out of the United States would involve the idiocy of Christian gullibility, religious murder, and chicanery. Characters pop in and out simply to move the plot along, it can get a bit wordy, and some things the novel tries to make the reader suspend reality for go too far.

Trivia About Wieland, or, The In fact, I got from her quite the little history about belief in spontaneous combustion in the early African-American church, a thing in which many of the elderly in the community STILL believe.


At first, I thought the strangely staccato syntax and the lack of fluency in the discourse was due to the first person view of Clara Wieland, who is under extreme emotional and mental stress from all those terrible things happening in her family, but it soon became clear that it is the genuine style of Brown himself for the elaborate and mazy passages of introspection are written in the same clumsy vein.

I recall ripping out the article, thinking I would check on it later. Clara is always writing. The reputation of an author in whom these qualities are united may be circumscribed during life; but its rise and extension after death prove that his claims to distincti Excerpt from Wieland or the Transformation Genius and knowledge command respect; but superior genius and profound knowledge, combined with exalted moral purity, cannot fail to excite unmingled admiration.

Can you, as a reader, eliminate any of these options? What it does focus on is by turns melodramatic, unlikely, and sometimes nonsensical. Sensation shock, horror, etc. The modern poet of the same name is sprung from the same family, and, perhaps, surpasses but little, in the fruitfulness of his invention, or the soundness of his taste, the elder Wieland.

Its psychologically driven horror preceded and alludes to the later refined fiction of Poe and Hawthorne. While no one would mistake him wielane a great, forgotten writer, his kooky, early American Gothic style still has its charms, if for no other reason than the completely ape-shit plot devices that he works with.

She’s Indiana Jones, taking the chance, hoping she can beat that boulder to the exit.