March 28, 2019

View and Download D-Link DSLB user manual online. DSLB Modem pdf manual download. Don’t follow these instructions until you have received confirmation that your broadband service is ready to use. Have you got your broadband username. Section 1 – Product Overview. D-Link DSLB User Manual. 3. Package Contents. • DSLB ADSL Modem. • Power Adapter. • CD-ROM with User Manual.

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NAT ds, network security in effect by hiding the private network behind one global and visible IP address. All of the specified conditions in this filter rule must be satisfied for the rule to take effect.

Unlike USB models, it does not require any drivers. To reset the Modem to its factory default settings, click the Restore Device button.

How to setup DSL 320B revision Z1 in bridge mode

Adsl Setup The choices are: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German. The Router will fsl the file and restart automatically. Inform Interval seconds between two Inform Interval: The IP address pool can be up to IP addresses. Placement of the router is very mnual. If you have a different operating system, the screenshots on your computer will look similar to the following examples.

Dark if no WAN protocol is configured. Click on the OK. Download “Table of Content. This will light after the ADSL negotiation process has been settled. Performing a Firmware Upgrade can sometimes change the configuration settings. WAN protocol is configured. Leave the Capability setting at the bottom of the window unchanged unless otherwise instructed by your ISP.


Most users will not need to amnual any of these settings. Low Pass Filters Since ADSL and telephone services share the same copper wiring to carry their respective signals, a filtering mechanism may be necessary to avoid mutual interference. Other features include browser-based management, VPN pass-through to allow secure connections from home to the office network and Quality of Service QoS for traffic prioritization.

Using a DDNS service provider, your friends can enter your host name to dsll to your game server and your friends don t mind what your IP address is, and then just type the DDNS name to reach. It is the physical link to the service provider s network backbone and ultimately to the Internet. Read the following descriptions if you are having problems. You have to define the service ports. Page 1 Table of Contents Table of Contents No part of this documentation may be reproduced in any form or by any.

When the device is powered off this remains dark. Page 18 MDI-X ports 1x, 2x, etc.

Table of Content. D-Link DSL-320B User Manual 1

The default IP address for the MH Type admin for the User Name and admin in the Password field. Note Please use only wired network connections to configure the router. If it does not, click the Connect button at the bottom of this window. Set Default Route mode to enable or disable default route, in order to access Internet, suggest enable dwl route.


Strong parental controls allow you to block certain web site addresses, preventing users from viewing inappropriate content.


Don’t show me this message again. For a bridged connection, the information needed to make and maintain the Internet connection is manuak on another computer or gateway device, not in the Router itself. If you currently use a modem, More information.

If the test continues to fail, click “Help” and follow the troubleshooting procedures. You also have the option to load configuration settings, or restore the factory default settings. Other trademarks or brand names More information. The device settings will be restored to the factory default IP address and the subnet mask isthe default management 320n is admin and the default Password is admin.