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Ec – Medical Electronics – Question Bank (2marks With Answer) Chest Department of ECE Medical Electronics. EC Medical Electronics . EC / EC / EC / ECE11 Medical Electronics Question Paper Collection ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and. EC / EC / EC / ECE11 Medical Electronics Important Question Bank ECE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Electronics and.

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The human hear rate varies normally over a range of 60 to BPM.

How many electrodes are used in modern EEG unit? A connection between two excitable cells, in the form of a contact surface between two neurons is called synapse.

There is cent percent safety for circuit from external disturbances. How the heart muscle can be stimulated? IPP means intermittent positive pressure.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Acoustic events of the heart can be divided into two categories as heart sounds and murmurs. External pacemaker Internal pacemaker It does not necessitate open heart surgery The pacemaker is surgically implanted beneath The skin near the chest or abdomen with its output leads are connected directly to he heart muscle It requires open chest minor surgery to place quuestion circuit These are used for temporary heart irregularities. Help Center Find new research papers in: Sodium and potassium ions.

Electronicz energy is released for cell function?


X-ray images developed by fluorescent principle and photoelectric effect on the fluorescent screen. What is a defibrillator? This period is called relative refractory period. Usually the right leg electrode is acting as ground reference electrode. The minimum energy required to excite the heart muscle is about 10 joules. Also mention the reason for such scheme Nov.

EC Medical Electronics Question Bank | Devasena A. –

S ec ond heart sound: What are the various electrodes used for defibrillation? The SEN is recently developed electron microscope. The organ contains tissue that furnishes some mechanical strength and specialized tissue that gives a particular function. For what purpose chemical electrodes are used?

Twelve lead selections are required to record the electrocardiogram. The recording and interpreting the electrical activity of eye is called electrorectinography.

EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

In what way cardiac bbank is used? Less contrast and it can be improved by introducing electromagnetic intensifier. Grounding is needed in medical equipments to avoid the macro and micro shocks.

When the body produces too many red blood cells, the amount of hemoglobin in the blood increases, and a chronic disease called polycythemia or dehydration is produced. Define relative refractory period.

Blood flow meters are used to monitor the blood flow in various blood vessels and to measure caridiac output. For what purpose condenser microscope is used in ECG electronicx set up? Efficient is less in direct fluoroscopy but it can be increased by using the modern television system. Atrial fibrillation and ventricular fibrillation.


Where is the Menu? It may also be due to brain tumor.

EC2021 Medical Electronics Nov Dec 2015 Question Paper

The vital capacity VC is the maximum volume of gas that can be expelled from medicao lungs after a maximal inspiration. How the leads taken in bipolar limb leads?

It consists of a standard glass pH electrode covered with the rubber membrane permeable to CO2, between the glass surface and membrane; there is a thin film of water. What are brain waves? It is used to provide artificial respiration. Define absolute refractory period. Regardless of the method of excitation of cells or the intensity of the stimulus, which is assumed to greater than the threshold of stimulus.

A physiological response to a current applied to the surface of the gank that results in unnecessary stimulation like muscle contractions or tissue injury is called as microshock. It is the extra volume of gas that can be expired with maximum effort beyond ef2021 the normal end of expiratory level.

The image can be obtained after developing the film and examination cannot be made before developing the bani.