April 2, 2019

The Rancilio Egro ONE Pure Coffee Touch is a beautifully designed commercial machine with customization and simplicity at the forefront of it’s vast array of. Rancilio Egro One Touch Pure: Commercial espresso machines at Suitable Environment. The most compact in its class, the Rancilio Egro One Touch Quick Milk has a slim profile which saves valuable counter space making it a.

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A new milk level sensor, developed and patented by Egro Lab, monitors and measures the milk level to considerably reduce waste. As well as looking fantastic, the colours are also associated with different functions: For this reason, a more effective arrangement of equipment and work tools may represent a turnaround solution.

The information and personal data are collected when you install, access or use the App. Data storage period Your Data will be stored for the period of 10 year from the date touchh its collection, without prejudice to the revocation of consent pursuant to point 9.

The ONE can be fitted with a variety of payment systems: Rapidity, precision and ergonomics: Disclosure Pursuant to and for the effects of Art. Moreover, the sensor recognizes the exact quantity of milk necessary to guarantee the production of the beverage requested. The Data Controller is not involved in such processing nor can he be held responsible. Data storage period Your Data will be stored for the period of touchh year from the date of its collection, without prejudice to the revocation of consent pursuant to point 9.

It is an external device positioned on the right hand side of the ebro and consists of two hoppers that may either be used with one powder or may operate separately with different aromatized, spiced, caramelized, chocolate-based and milk powders. Legal basis of the processing The processing of your data for the purposes indicated in point 4 is based on your consent.

C-Lever with Cool Touch. The App collects your e-mail address saved in the settings of the App and the additional data and information that you will provide.

The new steam valve with a special control knob and ergonomic design is completed with open-stay and open-close functions.

In any case, to manage or disable these cookies, access the web address: Processing methods Within the scope indicated in point 4your data will be processed in electronic means, in compliance with the provisions on personal egrk processing and with the use of appropriate security measures.


Deactivation makes it impossible to use the App. Particularly suitable for self-service touh, the Automatic Spout assures a set and clean work surface at all times. This new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably compact foam is obtained.

Communication and dissemination of data Your data will not be disclosed to third parties. The innovative valve system makes it the fastest and most powerful steam wand on the market. With the Multi-Milk Selection add-on, the user may operate with two different kinds of milk to satisfy the most demanding palates. Cookies, web beacons and server logs allow to calculate the aggregate number of visits to the Site and to identify which parts of the site are more popular. Thanks to small cup positioners the user can always place the cup correctly under the outlet.

Transfer of Data abroad Your Data is stored at the registered office of the Company and on servers located within the Onf Union.

Rancilio РMacchine per caff̬

Data Communication To the extent strictly related to the purposes connected with the download, activation and use of the App, your data may be disclosed to the Controller internal staff, whose activities are related and instrumental to manage the App, specifically authorized and trained in the processing of personal data. In relation to the purpose referred to in point 4you also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without prejudice to the legitimacy of processing activities carried out prior to such revocation.

It is a web analysis system based on the use of cookies, aimed at understanding – in a completely anonymous way – how users use the Site. It is with this objective in mind that Egro LAB has developed a new solution for a space-saving refrigerator positioned under the machine and equipped with a 4-litre milk tank.

Personal data Personal data is intended as any information that concerns and refers to you.

The refusal to use the camera makes it impossible to acquire and process the QR Code and to use the related service to extrapolate the parameters of the coffee machine. Specifically, the processing will concern the following data: The brewing unit boasts a revolutionary patented hermetic closing system, which requires less maintenance and reduces the overall running costs of the machine.

Additionally, a central hot water outlet see picture as well as an ejection device for waste coffee may egrp selected. You also have the right to withdraw your consent at any time, without prejudice to the legitimacy of processing activities carried out prior to pne revocation. The algorithm comes into play to keep the duration of the brewing time constant. Location information is acquired when the QR code is read. Communication and dissemination of data If necessary for tluch related to the management and maintenance of computer systems, the Data may be processed by Rancilio Group S.


The Site is managed by Rancilio Group S. Usage and access information: The easy-to use user interface guides the barista through the choice of products. This Site may contain links or references for access to other websites. The Automatic regulation of the grinder is based on an algorithm capable of correcting any variation in the in-cup coffee quality caused youch external factors beyond the barista’s control, such as coffee storage, weather conditions, internal coffee machine temperature and usage times.

Therefore, the use of cookies is not foreseen.


The Data and information collected are not used for profiling purposes, for the offer of products and services or for general commercial purposes. The multicolored page system enables the barista to choose from 48 products, each one with its own attractive user-friendly icon. For further information, refer to the respective regulations: You are entitled to exercise all of the rights listed above by contacting Rancilio Group S.

This new software allows you to select different cup sizes, different bean, milk and powder types from a series of progressive menus.

Turning it clockwise, it opens and remains in this position. Complaints If you believe that the processing of your Data violates the provisions contained in the Regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in accordance with the provisions of Art. Processing purposes Your data will be processed for purposes strictly related to the download, activation and use of the App. Legal basis of the processing The legal basis for the processing of your data for the purposes indicated above is the consent expressed by you.

Geolocation egfo location information: The Powder Module allows for the management of a great number of beverages in powder form.