April 7, 2019

Palinuro de México has ratings and 50 reviews. Megha said: and I vowed that the book which I would write someday would be as sickly, fragile and. Palinuro of Mexico. Latin American Literature Series. Fernando del Paso. Translated by Elisabeth Plaister. Winner of Mexico’s Premio Novela. ILAN STAVANS: Since in ‘Palinuro of Mexico’ you function not only as the FERNANDO DEL PASO: The novel does suffer from excess—excess in style.

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fernaando And while that is perfectly fine, I felt it wasn’t enough and didn’t make up for the great comments I had read about this book. OK, I can see it.

A Conversation with Fernando del Paso By Ilan Stavans | Dalkey Archive Press

What about your personal relationship with books? To me, the end of that King was the beginning of the Pasl literary body diaspora, elements of which I see so many everywhere.

It also reads the palunuro “Ulysses” might if that great experimental novel–the bible for all modern prose fiction writers, as far as I’m concerned–had lacked a plot. I can see why instantly, as in the first 20 pages this already goes looping and dipping through such a range of experience, history, and medical anecdote.

Chronicling in a number of voices the life of Palinuro and his cousin Estenfaniadel Paso’s dense but entertaining text is a splendid novel. Heck, the Australians are pretty darn good when it comes to it, case in point: My third novel is notably less complex than the second and, similarly, the second is less difficult than the first. They discuss their cocks.

This, I guess, comes back to one of your earlier questions: In Palinuro of Mexico Del Paso has created a magical, surreal, artificial and dreamlike narrative. A big, broad book, and a virtuoso writing performance. I had been working as a copywriter for a publicity agency in Mexico and abandoned all that. Just as Joyce’s title signals that his model for the novel is a grand and all-encompassing quest story, the title of Del Paso’s book also hints at a mythological precedent. Somewhere in the review section for this book I read something along the lines of “Del Paso is the greatest writer alive because he can elongate the phrase ‘Palinuro is such a fdrnando, he knows everything there is to know about medicine and besides he’s fucking his cousin’ for pages”.



Trying pwlinuro meet all your book preview and review needs. It happened as the manuscript developed in the most spontaneous of ways. Yes, five stars all around for this one.

At that time he told me: Our architecture is equally baroque: A beautiful torrent of language, like Joyce on Palonuro, a young man in Mexico in love with his cousin. This book is like a house of mirrors. I wanted to be the sole proprietor of a secret, which I knew I would sooner or later forget.

Con remordimientos y sin sentido.

It seems like there are only a handful of other works by him, but I basically wish I read Spanish so I could seek them out. One has friends in the government, longtime friends. Feb 12, Josue Olvera rated it it was amazing. For Del Paso, the rhetoricizing of experience is everything. Ostensibly, this is an enormous strutting vulture larded with medical terminology, literary references, nonsensical internal monologues that run for up to ten pages sans paragraph breaks.

Just as the Olympic games were about to begin, the Mexican government, as you well know, was facing heavy pressure from social forces asking for democratic change. Five stars for the General’s one hundred eyes. As the book acquired its present form—and it took a long time to do so—I realized my interest in medicine was based on my passion for its romantic aspects. Let me turn to the topic of polyglotism. For some I made many version—twenty to thirty—and others just came out finished.


Otherwise we recommend it very, very highly. Minus one star for wasting a perfect opportunity to write some good stuff on medical school, doctors, students and patients. He sings of blood, of pus, of glistening, yellowed fat, of the muscled twisting of our bowels.

Spanish is my mother tongue—my only language. In recent ones, the smell is neither pleasant nor very distinct.

Palinuro of Mexico – Fernando del Paso

Thanks to the money I got from the foundation the book began to take shape. Del Paso sings the body biologic. Flaubert, whose approach to the novel we admired, as well as Joyce; and in more technical terms, John Dos Passos, Hemingway, Virginia Woolf, and Faulkner.

Just out fernxndo curiosity, did the Portuguese version circulate in Brazil? Jul 12, Cristina rated it it was amazing.


Palinuro of Mexico – Canada. I feel confident in that. It has the enchantment of dreams, but is much beyond a dream. Mexican writers, on the other hand, are much more accessible—with the exception, obviously, of Carlos Fuentes, with whom you share more than a hyperactive style. He sings of a broken country cutting itself into shreds.

Otro libro que me deja abrumado, sin palabras, completamente enamorado y feliz. So I decided Palinuro would be beaten inand only afterwards he would die. Jonathan ‘s review Apr 19, But refusing to open up, the ruling party under the leadership of President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz ordered the army to confront the student uprising with tanks and bullets.