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General information. also found as, 藤沢秀行. Fujisawa Hideyuki Fujisawa Shu- ko- Fujisawa Shuko Shuko, Progression. chinese, Teng2-ze2 Xiu4-xing2 (tengze, . The following kifu and most of the comments included are from the Fujisawa Complete Works, volume 3. For advice on how to study professional games, read . Check go games played by professional player Fujisawa Shuko on Waltheri’s go pattern search database.

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Already bynobody thought anyone else but Fujisawa would hold the Kisei.

– Fujisawa Shūkō – Biography

I got paired against the owner of the go salon, according to what I heard, a Chinese 6 dan. He won the first three games, controlling each move Cho made. Schinze added it Mar 05, For me, the best matches are the riveting battles with Kato and Cho. Will this book make you stronger? Retrieved 19 May Tue Dec 22, Go World 1 started with game 3 of the first title match and never backtracked.

Conflict of interest statement: He also stated in his fjisawa, although he did not mind being called Shuko, he preferred to be called Hideyuki. Previous topic Next topic. Fujisawa, a student of Fukuda Masayoshi, began studying at the Nihon Kiin in and turned pro in Lists with This Book.

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Preview — shuko by Fujisawa Shuko. Indeed, most of the games are taken straight from Go World spread across issues 1 to Some of you may have noticed that I also have a Twitter account. Ibrahim Mpiana added it Jul 08, Then in he began one of his crowning career achievements: In June,the dispute was resolved and Fujisawa was reinstated in the Ki-in.


Readers Write News Search Archives: I bought this book inbefore becoming a GoBooks author, coder, and app tester. Since I still have the Go World articles, why did I buy the ebook?

Two of fuuisawa apartments were for students only, consisting of two bedrooms, one bathroom, one living room, and a kitchen. The Meijin title was Fujisawa’s again inand then went on a half-decade dry streak.

shuko: the only move volume 1 by Fujisawa Shuko

Matt Canova marked it as to-read Sep 16, I converted both of these books into SmartGo format and designed both covers. He is known to play a very flexible fuseki but infamous in making errors, or poka later in the game. With iOS 9 split-screen multitasking, I can run GoBooks and Kifu side by side if I want, allowing easy access to Kifu’s pro game database and its joseki and fuseki analysis features. Bywhuko won his first title since the Meijin inthe Tengen. It has been said that during these Kisei runs in the s and s, Fujisawa would drink for nine months straight, then sober up for shukp title defense late in the year.

He didn’t win the NHK Cup again until As you shall read later, however, he is actually not the one to have the greatest influence on my playing style. Byshulo thought anyone else but Fujisawa would win the Kisei, but that was silenced when he finally lost it to Cho Chikun in Eiffel marked it as to-read Dec 27, I fujisaws asked to give a more shukoo description about our life in Beijing, so here goes, albeit a little late on my part: Being able to replay the moves in interactive diagrams is a valuable feature for me.

Take a look at the free sample chapter; that will give you a good idea of what to look forward to in the rest of the book. Books by Fujisawa Shuko.


He was also known for his calligraphy and had several exhibits of his works. Over the years he became known as “Shuko”, an alternative reading of the characters for his given name.

American Go E-Journal

Hideyuki Fujisawa was born in Yokohama fuhisawa, Japan. However, in his autobiography he stated that although he didn’t mind being called Shuko, he still preferred his original name, Hideyuki. Luke’s International Hospital in Tokyo.

It looked like Fujisawa would fkjisawa the Kisei for the 7th year in a row, sjuko Cho fought back and won four games, Fujisawa making a blunder in a winning position in the seventh game. Derek McGuire added it Jan 07, But in it was fukisawa wrestled away by the top young player, Cho Chikun. The Games of Fujisawa Shuko.

This series exemplified his famous direction of play and fuseki skills and at the same time his infamous habit of mid to late-game blunders [ 1 ]. The following year, Fujisawa was expelled from the Nihon Ki-in for selling unsanctioned rank diplomas to amateurs in protest against what he considered improper Ki-in policies.

Shuko was quite a character, and he contributed a lot to the go world, especially after his retirement.

Besides Go, he was known to gamble and was a successful real estate dealer. Byhe won his first title since the Meijin inthe Tengen. The Meijin title was Fujisawa’s again when he won it in Aug 06, Frank rated it liked it.