April 1, 2019

Former Goldman Sachs Vice President Lisa Endlich draws on an insider’s knowledge to bring to life this unique company and the most stunning. Goldman Sachs, in most years the most profitable investment bank in the country, Lisa Endlich, Author Alfred A. Knopf $30 (p) ISBN Luckily, Lisa Endlich opens this mystery in her book Goldman Sachs – The Culture of Success. Endlich explains the history of the firm from the.

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Perhaps the ethos and pride they have for the safeguarding of their own culture could have been used when regarding the rest of us.

About a hundred years ago, a private firm was built, and then it was passed on generation by generation while it became stronger and stronger as a result of its leaders wisely operating. They are not an overly creative or sacgs organization–but what they do they do better than anyone much like Ohio State football is about excellence over dynamic playbook design.

Goldman Sachs: The Culture Of Success

I do like the finance. At times, She talks about these figures like deities, elevating the sector to the importance they all think they deserve.

In the early part of the book, the author spends a great deal of time discussing the unique culture of Goldman Sachs and how this culture might be threatened by becoming a private company.

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Breathe Business: Goldman Sachs – The Culture of Success

In their own words, this is the capitalist machine and it smells faintly of narcissism and greed, with little regard to the wider world in which they have lodged themselves as an indispensable part of society. Barring any missteps, the young men and woman answering Weinberg”s phone call could expect to retire with a nest egg worth tens of millions of dollars. Only thing that surprised was the absence of technology and its pioneers within the firm from the narrative.


Looking back now, this is not something I would recommend anyone to read. Let’s not forget that this is the firm that provided cabinet’s for Obama when he bailed out the banks, Trump as he dismantles safeguards and who hid Greek debt to allow them entry to the EU, causing the future Euro crisis that almost toppled the currency of a continent.

I definitely recommend this if you’re interested in reading a broad overview of the firm and its history since its inception. Readers for new literates. Endlich tells the story of the highly successful investment bank Goldman Sachs, from its beginnings in to the point last summer when the company was on the verge of going public NB: John Weinberg himself had spent his entire career succesx the firm, beginning in ; Robert E. Tags What are tags? Impersonality had crept into the process.

Narration interspersed with flashbacks is used at the beginning of the book endlic stress on the endllich of being a public company, I think, which is the core of this story. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The firm would be transformed into a trading powerhouse, one that would challenge top-ranked Salomon Brothers, which was operating with considerably more capital.


Lisa Endlich looks at the history of Goldman Sachs through the company going public and the unique culture that developed around one of the most exclusive partnerships in economic and business history. The management committee believed that in order to expand into new businesses, additional capital of a more permanent nature would be required.

The Culture of Success Lisa J. In an abrupt break with one hundred seventeen years of history, the management committee was proposing that Goldman Sachs become a public corporation. Endlich Limited preview – Aug 10, Margaret-jane rated it really liked it. Nicolas rated it liked it Apr 06, In the ‘s there were multiple scandals with traders, some of which hit home to the firm.

Mar 20, Darryl Stangry rated it liked it. Account Options Sign in. Endlich explains the history of the firm from the very beginning when the company was founded by two families – Goldmans and Sachs.

Q2 if you can establish company, what kind of company would you like to establish? Oct 15, Kunal rated it it was ok. Sure some lay people may enjoy it, but I can’t ignore the fact it’s for a fairly specialized audience. None of your libraries hold shccess item.