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February 23, 2019

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology (Gotrek & Felix Book 18) – Kindle edition by Nathan Long, John Brunner, Josh Reynolds, Jordan Ellinger, Ben McCallum, David. Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology is an anthology in the Gotrek & Felix (novel series) Gotrek and Felix join forces with another slayer and his human companion. For those who have never met them, Gotrek and Felix are unsung heroes of the Warhammer fantasy Empire, the dwarven slayer* Gotrek.

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This short story is quite a departure from the previous one as it focuses on Snorri Nosebiter and some new temporary comrades of his as this addled slayer continues ajd seek his doom.

Apr 15, Simon Cressey added it Shelves: The Two Crowns of Ras Karim Nathan Long Another absolute classic Gotrek and felix story, this short tale moves the characters forward more than any other, giving the reader a deeper insight into these larger than life characters. It is certainly amongst the best of the bunch although it does suffer from not showing enough of Snorri. The always lovable as only a slayer can be Snorri is joined by another slayer, brand-new to aand job of gofrek a glorious death in battle, Grudi Halfhand.

A Cask of Wynters is fast, and it is punchy. Written on 26th March by Ant.

Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology by Christian Dunn

Skip to main content. This is quite possibly the flattest story in the entire anthology. Trollslayer, Skavenslayer and Daemonslayer, plus a number of bonus short stories.


May 19, Mphecker rated it really liked it. This is a tale of heroism and bravery.

Bad-ass dwarf with kick-ass axe makes monster chop suey. The only one that seemed to fall behind was Last Orders by Andy Smillie, not particularly because it is a bad story but more because of the fact that while Gortek and Felix aren’t the central focus here the portrayal of them does not seem to fit in with the portrayal of them within the other 9 in here. Sep 05, Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: He’s very single-minded about it, and his obsession leaves little else of interest t Short stories following doomed Slayer Gotrek Gurnisson’s perilous adventures as he seeks a worthy doom, accompanied ajthology the reluctant poet Felix Jaeger, who once drunkenly swore to record the dwarf’s end in an epic poem.

Want to Read saving…. Werner which is a follow on from the boneripper novel I also had a great anthologyy in reviewing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So in closing, I do recommend the anthology novel because of those six stories that I really liked.

Gotrek and Felix: Books | eBay

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Gotrek and Felix are not in this one but never fear, this story features Snorri Nosebiter as the hero. World of Books USA was founded in Werner That arch enemy Thanquol, Grey Seer of the Skaven finally makes an appearance in this anthology, who acts just as ineptly and comes anthologh perfectly with his megalomaniac paranoia.


Book published by Black Library in April It has some similarities with A Place of Quiet Assembly but in this case, the style works much better.

Gathered into one volume by intrepid chrononauts and wor Gotrek and Felix Beastslayer by William King. I find in the Warhammer world Ogres are portrayed in numerous ways which I think works. I know that this is not the first in a LONG collection antholoby this pair but that really does not matter, every short in here is bloody brilliant carnage.

Gotrek and Felix

Gotrek, a dwarf sworn to seek death in glorious battle yet seemingly cursed? Gotrek GurnissonFwlix Jaeger. Dunnis a senior editor for Black Library. With some great action scenes, this is very much top-notch stuff and a great piece to wind down the anthology.

The story is an absolute gem filled with dodgy characters, even dodgier politics, cursed magic items, priceless treasures relix glorious monsters. Mind-stealer is a story that works on so many levels, whether it is the prose style, the pacing, the characterisation, the twists and turns, or just the sheer entertainment factor.