February 25, 2019

Be sure to review the Instruction Manual for your Power Meter before using the current range (compatible). HIOKI,PW,04,V, ser *3: For detailed specifications of Model , see the comparison chart on page 6. 1. 0 5. Can be read directly by manually setting the CT ratio. DIGITAL POWER HiTESTER , , , AC/DC POWER HiTESTER , , AC/DC DIGITAL HiTESTER , .

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Backup data error Description Perform the instrument self-test and return the result as a 33332 value 0 to 4. Summary of Contents for Hioki PW Page 1 All reasonable care has been taken in the production of this manual, but if you find any points which are unclear or in 33332, please contact your supplier or the International Sales and Marketing Department at HIOKI headquarters.

Also See for PW Instruction manual – pages. Command Execution Time Command Execution Time Command execution time indicates the time for analyzing and processing long form commands.

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Output contents Output rate Resolution Response time Hoiki resistance displayed value 0 to 3. Communication Command Instruction Manual. Compare the capabilities of the Hioki, and pdf User Manual pdf. Page 95 Set and Query: We can also download the recorded results to a USB flash drive within 24 hours of return for reporting and analysis. Description Although NRf numerical values are accepted, values to the right of the decimal are truncated.


Colour-coded rings for easy identification of connections – compact and lightweight: Page 79 Set and Maanual Normal measurement values HRMS: With included Power Log software.

The unit used for current is amperes [A]. No reproduction, duplication or modification of the content is permitted without. Event Status Register 0: Page 89 Set and Query: Messages are provided in the interface to control the Power Meter. The Hioki Power Logger is a highly functional and safe power meter packed into a compact handheld clamp-on unit.

Up to seven power quality parameters on one screen according to EN This image shows an example of the typical recorded results you can obtain from one of the Power Loggers in our inventory — the Hioki Clamp-On Power Logger.

Sets the instrument as the master device.

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Queries the RSC setting items. In Inrush mode, the measurement covers a duration of more than 1 minute! Page 82 Set and Query: Open the catalog to page 2. Page 85 Set and Query: The unit is in volts [V].


Returns the RSC baud rate and execution confirmation message settings Description as string values. The numerical value is accepted in NRf format.

Hioki Power HiTester, Single-Phase / Two-Wire | Transcat

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Out of Range Bit 6 Over A peak overflow of voltage or current occurred in the active power DataIntegrate integration value.

Status Descriptions Integration Reset Integration calculations are stopped and the integration time and integration value are reset. Output Items Measurement status data: All reasonable hkoki has been taken in the production of this manual, but if you find any. Output Items Command Syntax: Page 91 Set and Query: Search results 1- Vous pouvez filtrer par type de prix.