February 22, 2019

Notice: OMRON products are manufactured for use according to proper procedures .. You can install multiple 3G3JX inverters side by side in the control panel. Simple, Compact Inverters SYSDRIVE JX Series . Model name (3G3JX-) In no event shall the responsibility of OMRON for any act exceed the individual. Inverter 3G3JX . Use this terminal block to connect the inverter to the Sysmac® is a trademark or registered trademark of OMRON Corporation in Japan and.

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The Inverter does not allow this function. Disabled Free-run stop CF1 multi-step speed setting binary 1 Change the 1st digit of the function code. The monitor LED indicator “V” lights up.

Omron 3G3JX User Manual

Page Options FA2 over set frequency arrival signal C output terminal P1 Frequency pull-in restart CF3 multi-step speed setting binary 3. C to C contact selection are excluded. The data of the set monitor is displayed.

Function name Data Default setting Unit Chapter 2 Design Chapter 2 Design Installation Input FV Operation frequency input The retry wait time is ignored.

Electromagnetic induction can generate noise invertee the signal line, causing the controller to malfunction.


Light load detection signal Output current is higher than the C set value. To connect the DC reactor, remove the short-circuit bar.


When forcibly stopping the load with an MC on the primary side of the main circuit, however, the regenerative braking does not work and the load coasts to a stop free run. Page Function Mode Overload Warning Signal If the load is too large, this function outputs an overload warning invrter, allowing you to readjust the load level to prevent a trip.

By factory default, the input logic of the multi-function input terminal circuit is set to the sink logic.

Chapter 1 Overview Chapter 1 Overview Functions The following diagram shows the product life curve. Data is out of the Inverter’s range for writing into the holding register. The omroon of the monitor mode is displayed as “A”.

Example Change the status of multi-function input terminals [S1] to [S5] of the Inverter with the slave address “8”. OL overload warning selection To use the Inverter to control the mechanical brake used for cranes, etc.

Function name Data Default setting Unit Operation frequency input Page To connect the ModBus, connect each Inverter in parallel as below. Chapters Table Of Contents App-1 Appendix-2 Product Life Curve This helps prevent data rewrite due to erroneous 3g33jx.


Specified address does not exist. Storage Storage Storage Ensure the following conditions when storing the Inverter temporarily or for a long term after purchase. Page 64 Operation Procedure Example: Press the Enter key to store the data. The material of the wall has to be nonflammable such as a metal plate.

Got it, continue to print. Connect securely to the ground as specified 3g3kx grounding for V class, and type-C grounding for V class. Data Symbol Function name Status Description Calculates the set value in A against the set frequency omrin A according to the formula specified in A, in Frequency addition order to provide a new frequency reference.

Digital Operator F 2nd frequency Data Symbol Function name Adjust A so that the Inverter does not trip.

Specified data has an unacceptable format. Manual torque boost only Page Function Mode 2nd Control Function and Special 2nd Function This function is used to operate by switching two different types of motors.