ISO 15797 PDF

March 28, 2019

EN ISO is your guarantee that the products can withstand industrial washing and drying processes without problems. The testing procedure must simulate. ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a worldwide federation of national standards bodies (ISO member bodies). The work. ISO (): Testing workwear for suitability for tough industrial laundering conditions – standardised washing and drying procedures.

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The rate of ageing of a workwear differs significantly between industrial and domestic washing.

EN ISO 15797

Press releases 80 years and still going strong! In the past, parameters or test methods to define the industrial laundry conditions did not exist. However, it should still always be isk, retain its form and colour for a long time, and above all maintain its varied functions long term – even after frequent wear and the many washes that result from this.

Previously the only internationally recognised test method for washing was the ISO on a domestic scale.

Drying symbols 1 Tunnel finisher Tunnel finishing is displayed in a square that is split into 3 equal rectangles. Tumble drying is labelled with a hexagon inside of a square. Individual symbols for industrial washing and drying procedures As the washing procedures in commercial laundries are much more isl than those in domestic laundry, and each laundry also uses individual washing procedures, results can differ substantially between them.

Determination of Arc Rating EN By carrying out tests on shrinkage, colour fastness and all other critical parameters that a garment is desired to meet.

The textiles, which have to be treated in laundries without losing their functions, must therefore be tested in advance to 17597 out if they are suitable for industrial reprocessing and also labelled accordingly. For this purpose, the Hohenstein Institute has developed a catalogue of requirements which can be used to assign suitable symbols to an article.


BS EN ISO 15797:2018

Liquid Chemical Splash EN These items of clothing can also be awarded the Hohenstein label for care labelling for workwear. The standard does not go so far as to 15779 an evaluation scale or criteria on suitability for industrial laundry.

Washing symbol An example of a washing symbol. However, it does not list any requirements for the respective properties, such as dimensional change, colour fastness, or the fraying of seams, for example.

The symbols suitable for the items of clothing are selected after specific properties have been tested. ISO method of washing gives clear procedures for testing workwear to ensure it will be of a suitable is for customers leasing workwear from various industrial laundries around the globe.

Normally, these test washing procedures can only be applied in kso laboratories.

Care labelling for workwear | press information

Manufacturers and suppliers of workwear can use a label code for care that has been specially developed for professional laundries to ensure that the clothing is optimally treated. If the requirements are met, the Hohenstein label for care labelling in commercial laundries is awarded. The figures in the box for the washing symbol correspond to one of the 8 washing procedures described in ISO The different treatment conditions in industrial laundries compared to domestic laundry primarily result from the size of the machine, the organisation of the washing procedure, the use of detergents and auxiliary agents, and ieo drying methods.


Together, all components result in the following example care labels:. Label for professional industrial laundry A rectangular box 17597 the word PRO written in capital letters and in negative lettering. The properties are important for the use of workwear and protective clothing and can be negatively affected during care treatment. This label shows whether an item is suitable for care in a professional laundry.

Request a Sample Get an Estimate. Fresh momentum for members and customers New processes for cleaning high-visibility Nor does it state a recommended number of washes.

EN ISO – Your clothes can easily tolerate industrial wash

Home International Press Contact Downloads 0. Various properties can be taken into account, depending on the material, structure, and use of the article. Together, all components result in the following example care labels: New test method developed for hand disinfection. The big question is: This test method was not a reliable indicator of whether the garment would resist or suitably perform against the industrial washing and finishing processes prevalent for the workwear business, globally.

The selected washing procedure is displayed in reverse. Before these care symbols can be attached to the items of clothing, however, defined properties must first be tested using defined test washing procedures.

51797 suitable symbols The symbols 51797 for the items of clothing are selected after specific properties have been tested. Further information is available from: The Hohenstein Institute has developed a catalogue of requirements that can be used to competently assign the symbols according to the articles tested.