February 23, 2019

Section 1: Rules of the Road. 1 INTRODUCTION . .. 1. 2 ACRONYMS AND DEFINITIONS. South Africa Learner Driver Signal Book K53 e Booklet. July 18, | Author: Vimal Durairaj | Category: Traffic, Wheeled Vehicles, Transport Infrastructure. K53 South Africa is the most popular FREE Learner’s license app in South Africa, Thousands have tried it and thousands have passed. K53 South Africa app.

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Jy mag slegs voor of agter dit stop. Repeat with all bookklet nuts, then remove the nuts completely. After one hour the time will expire and the test will be marked automatically and show your results. Ensure that the jack is in contact with the metal portion of your car’s frame.

Remember that you may not change gears whilst turning. Make sure that if there is another vehicle in bookleg of you that you keep a distance of at least three metres, from it clear space. Kontroleer dat jy drukking het op beide die koppelaar- en rempedale.

Phasa ilenazi yakho kalula

Skakel die rathefboom in die truposisie. Each section, from road traffic signs to rules of the road, is colour coded to make learning easier. Check right and left before entering the intersection.


Know your rights when it comes to speed traps. The jack should be firmly in place against the underside of the vehicle. The gear lever is in neutral. Sonder om te stop, ry oboklet agteruit tussen die paaltjies deur, sonder om hulle te raak, tot jy feitlik aan die einde van die gang is.

Phasa ilenazi yakho kalula |

Blind spot to the LEFT. Onthou dat jy nie ratte mag verwissel terwyl jy besig is om te draai nie. A cross wrench will give you much more torque than a standard single-handled wrench. Maksimum tyd hiervoor — drie minute, buite en binne. Speed trapping Know your rights when it comes to speed traps.

The ideal is to push the steering wheel with the hand furthest boollet from your chosen direction of turn and to pull with the hand closest to your chosen direction of turn. Enige onbeheerde of gevaarlike aksie uitvoer. How to change a tyre 1. Thank you for interesting in our services.

K53 e Booklet

Carrying loads on motor vehicles Projection limits: Vragte op motorvoertuie Uitsteekperke: Now view the correct way of turning. You may only stop in front of it or behind vooklet.


The blind spot in the direction you are turning into. Nou kan jy begin beweeg, maar sodra jy begin draai, kyk na die blindekol oor jou REGTERskouer, omdat jy besig is om agteruit te beweeg en links te draai.

Just before the vehicle comes to a dead stop, apply the clutch pedal to prevent the vehicle from stalling — remember to firmly hold on to the steering wheel. If you already have a jre installed on your system it must be a version later than 1.

K53 Learners guide

Dat die sitplekgordel in werkende toestand is. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Plaas die rathefboom in neutraal en wag vir die ander bestuurders se verkeerslig om na oranje oor te slaan.

You will tighten the lug nuts again once the car is down and there is no risk of it falling. Wag vir die groen lig. Take out the spare tire and the jack.