April 21, 2019

OK, I finished A Pale View of Hills by Kazuo Ishiguro last night, and am completely disturbed. I need to talk about it. If you haven’t read this book. Memory is an unreliable thing: the analysis of memory in “A Pale View of Hills” by Kazuo Ishiguro. Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills () details the thoughts of Et- suko, the protagonist, and her conversations with her younger daughter. Niki in England.

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Christen June 22, at 1: I think not though at the time of typing anyway!

Die beiden Frauen verbringen einige Zeit miteinander und freunden sich trotz ihrer Unterschiedlichkeit an. Perennial Classics editionThe Wars and Embers and I have many of those authors’ Nabokov, Lessing, Findley and Marai respectively other books in my tbr piles at home. April 14, at 3: We see women in a changing society who slowly begin to assert themselves, while a passive and pregnant Etsuko merely observes.

The analysis of memory in “A Pale View of Hills” | Anglozine

I must admit that I found this one more readable and fulfilling. I have just re-read A Pale View of Kazul for the 4th or 5th time since my first reading in the early 90s. But you see, Niki, I knew all along.

I personally believe there are a few different ways it can be interpreted and all of them are A deceptively simple book. Even if I have all the author’s works in my bookshelves, I still always pick first his most famous work.

The swinging child in Etsuko’s dream may viee the girl she heard of in the news who had been hung, blended with her own daughter whom she never saw, but was hanging for days in her apartment in England.


I’m not sure whether I’m glad I can interpret the story as I wish or not. And the story of jiro and ogata to deal with parental guilt and derision.

Not bad for a first book. His works so far have been mysteries and thrillers, but not in the traditional who dunnit sense. I have read and like many of Ishiguro’s novels and have to think that the constant allusions to “Kazuo,” whom is only ever indirectly referenced in the novel as Ms. I admire the way it’s constructed.

Etsuko also remembers that there was a child killer hanging kids in the neighborhood back in the day. And all of a sudden you’re unsure who is talking to whom, and when, and you start to realize that you have been taking what your narrator says at face value when perhaps you shouldn’t have.

This site uses cookies. Niki hiols and reading through her father’s articles, Etsuko mentioning early in the book that her husband could never really understand Japanese culture.

Denn Giew ist niemand anderes als Keiko und Sachiko ist eine Figur, auf die Etsuko sich selbst und ihr Verhalten projiziert. I could taste a tinge of deception and dishonesty at the tip of my tongue.

I was hils hoping we would learn what happened between Etsuko and Jiro Sep 01, Anne rated it really liked it. Etsuko decided to leave her husband palf move out of Japan. I don’t want to beat this point to death – it just seems to me that the novel was written in this haunting, ethereal, and slightly creepy style Feb 18, AC rated it it was amazing Shelves: Even in the present, there are no answers for how life has reached this point, not for the reader, and one wonders about the inhabitants of the story.

A Pale View of Hills

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To begin with, Etsuko tells of two memories where she goes out looking for Kieko in the woods at night and finds the child under a willow tree and runs away scared.


View all 22 comments. Have I read to much into it and am now a conspiracy theorist? Jefferson Farjeon 1 J.

The analysis of memory in “A Pale View of Hills”

The “other people” here being Sachiko and Mariko. By far Ishiguro’s best book in my view. All of the sudden, I thought, oh, are they the same person?

Sihiguro is unwilling to accept her past behavior Sachiko is a terrible mother and frequently leaves her daughter alone for hours at a time, allowing her to wander around by herself even though there has been a spate of child murders in the area; she also hasn’t enrolled Mariko in school, and plans to take the child against her will to America with her boyfriend, whom Mariko hatesso she invents a “friend” to project her disapproval onto.

The reference to the rope continually entangled about Etsuko’s foot makes sense to me in this light. Jun 16, Jenny Reading Envy kazup it really liked it Shelves: Maybe also to protect herself if the truth came out. Some of the topics they discuss: View all 11 comments. Her neglectful mothering and her moving her daughter out of Japan caused her daughter to lead a thoroughly unhappy life. This novel was lovely, absorbing, and immensely readable.

Its main point is, I think, to show how times change and how generations mourn the passing of their old ways.