June 8, 2019

thoroughly reading this Owner’s Manual, you will gain an understanding of the many features that are included in the. LANCER. The Owner’s Manual contains. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 25 Aug, by Tusing. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB. Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 15 Feb, by Jholt. Model: Mitsubishi Lancer. File size: MB.

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Never hold the halogen lamp bulb with a bare hand, dirty glove, etc. When the deletion of the telephone number 6. To store the flat tyre or spare wheel, fit the installation clamp A by turning it clockwise. Page Starting and driving NOTE Back sensor vehicles without a towing bar Changing the detection areas E Only when the gearshift lever or selector lev- The detection areas can be changed as follows: Park your vehicle in a safe place and stop operating, which means that the road is the engine.

Starting and driving When the engine is warm, the diesel preheat 2.

Press and hold the multi-information meter switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch switch to select changing the turn-sig- from the setting mode screen to the menu Hill Start Assist Starting and driving Hill start assist 2. Do not set anything on, or attach any- thing to, the instrument panel above the glove box. It goes off about 15 Point.

2017 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (385 pages)

Page 6 Overview 1. Avoid sudden braking and high-speed driving, stop the vehicle in a safe place, and take corrective measures. Starting and driving NOTE Sports mode display CAUTION E If your vehicle is equipped with shift pad- In sports mode, the currently selected position is dis- dles, you can shift into sports mode with Upward shifts do not take place automat- played on the multi-information display.

Page Maintenance Fuse load capacity Passenger compartment fuse location LHD Passenger compartment fuse location RHD E The fuse capacity and the names of electrical sys- Main fuse block tems protected by the fuses are indicated on the in- side of the fuse lid LHD vehiclesthe inside of Main fuse block Sub fuse block the glove box RHD vehicles and inside of the Maintenance models diesel-powered vehicles 2.


Page Remove the USB memory device. Tyre inflation pressures p.

2014 Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual (434 pages)

The finned parts inside the turbocharger turn at ex Locking and unlocking NOTE 7. Instruments and controls 4. Make sure msnual remove the keyless opera- When the engine has not been started within tion key from the emergency key after about 5 seconds after the diesel preheat indi- the engine is started.

Page For emergencies Tools, jack and tyre repair kit Jack Vehicles with lancee repair kit E E Before removing the jack, lift up the luggage floor board. Running-in Recommendations Starting and driving Running-in recommendations E During the running-in period for the first 1, km milesit is advisable to drive your new vehicle mznual the following precautions as a guideline to aid long life as well as future economy and performance.

You can register 2. The trailer weights related specifications are not applicable to use in Norway; the correct maximum weights are stated in the registration book of the vehicle. Page For emergencies Pull the bulb out of the socket. Use this mode ownerd The selected control mode is stored in memo- under aggressive driving conditions.

Mitsubishi Lancer – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

Front Turn-signal Lamps Maintenance 3. Maintenance Passenger compartment RHD vehicles 2.

Manial and driving Anti-lock brake system ABS Warning display type 1 After driving on icy roads E E After driving on snow or icy roads, remove any The anti-lock brake system ABS helps prevent snow and ice which may have accumulated around the wheels from locking during braking. When the headlamps are subsequent- tion, the lamps will remain on for about 3 mi- ized Service Point.

Supplemental restraint system – airbag for driver’s seat p. Table Of Contents General information Fuel selection For pleasant driving 5.

Consult a worn out. Replacement Of Lamp Bulbs, Bulb Capacity Except for vehicles with high intensity discharge ble to repair or replace just the bulb. Page For emergencies 2. Page For emergencies Slowly rotate the wheel nut wrench until the 5.


Refer to switch for about 2 seconds or more to switch the following items for further details on the from the setting mode screen to the menu For safety, stop the vehicle before operat- operation methods. Instruments and controls NOTE 2. Page For pleasant driving 5.


MP3 files, the repeat mode causes only files has been loaded in the autochanger, the au- The display window will display the track number The trailer weights related specifications are not applicable to use in Norway; Table Of Contents Alphabetical index Bulb capacity Bulb capacity Tissue holder Replacement Snow tyres Tools Rear window demister switch Spare wheel Storage Rear-view camera Spark plug Towing , Rear-view mirror Specifications Trailer towing Inside Starting , Fuel tank capacity 2WD: Select the desired setting for each mode to be NOTE lect the mode you wish to change.

Turn on the hazard warning lamps if required mount the towing hook C. An incompletely net securely from falling down on to your locked bonnet can suddenly open while models For pleasant driving Use the following procedure to redial.

After selecting a mode, you can leave the func- The order is: Vehicle Labeling, Vehicle Identification Number Specifications Vehicle labeling The plate shows model code, engine model, trans- Vehicle identification number plate mission model and body colour code, etc. Parking Brake Starting and driving Parking brake NOTE CAUTION Apply sufficient force to the parking brake E To park the vehicle, first bring it to a complete lever to hold the vehicle stationary after the Before driving, be sure that the parking stop, fully apply the parking brake lever sufficient- foot brake is released.

Page 4 Overview 1. For emergencies Slowly rotate the wheel nut wrench until the 5. If the engine is cold, the diesel preheat indi- Minor noises may be heard on engine start- cation lamp is on for a longer time.