February 28, 2019

The story of how Paul Savidge and Dan Macey became the owners of Louis Kahn’s Esherick House in Philadelphia started decades before the. The Esherick House by architect Louis I. Kahn was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States in Esherick House by Louis I. Kahn architect, at Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, to , architecture in the Great Buildings Online.

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I would really like to see the interiors and how you can feel inside. The facades are lined with windows, some flush with esuerick exterior and some windows are deeply inserted in the volume of the building.

A few doors from the Esherick house is the Vanna Venturi Houseone of the first prominent works of postmodern architecturewhich was designed by Robert Venturi for his mother. The house has been on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places since Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia.

Nevertheless, Louiz was not even close to imagine what would happen later.

The Esherick House and its friendly owners

It has a rectangular floor plan, only changed at the lateral facades by including two chimneys. I would say the major challenge we had was using the kitchen in the house. The Esherick House is one of the most studied of the nine built houses designed by American architect Louis Kahn. The window, which is not much wider than the chimney, permits only narrow glimpses through it. We have a lot of visitors to the house, especially in nice weather.


In early January, we rounded up the current status of each of the nine private lousi designed by renowned Modern architect Louis Kahn, all located in the greater Philadelphia metro area. At the far left of the house is the remaining servant space, occupied on the ground floor by the Wharton Esherick designed kitchen, a utility room converted into an adjunctive kitchen space and a half bath, and on the upper floor by a bathroom, laundry area and closets. I had the exact same experience in as an architecture student attending the AIA convention.

On both sides of each pair of these large windows are two-story stacks of shutters, four shutters per stack.

Esherick House is one of the first residential designs constructed by Kahn after his return to the United States from Rome, having been appointed there member of the American Academy inillustrating his formal ideology. Sign up eshericl email updates Email Address Get Updates. The adjacent servant space is a thin communication strip that contains the front and back doors plus the two balconies above them, all of which are set in alcoves.

Key Buildings of the Twentieth Century Volume 2: He divided the house into served and servant spaces. The project was commissioned by Margaret Esherick, single woman.

Subscribers – login to skip ads. In searching for the nature of the spaces of housemight they not be separated a distance from each other theoretically before they are brought together. The primary building material is concrete block with stucco facing. Besides designing this house for Margaret Esherick, he was a close friend of Wharton Esherick, Margaret’s uncle, for whom he designed a studio that is now part of a National Historic Landmark.


This strip also contains the house’s stairway and a gallery at the top of the stairs that overlooks the living room. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Esherick House. I bet it was a great experience! In the Esherick House, the inherent monumentality of the plan is diminished by the fact that the major living spaces are surrounded by very thick walls.

The Esherick House and its friendly owners | Architectural Visits

I grew up in the area so it was exciting to see something architecturally stimulating in a fairly conservative. Whitney Library of Design. A kitchen of wood and copper was created hojse the house by Wharton Eshericka nationally known craftsman and artist. The order of construction should suggest an even greater variety or design in the interpretations of what space aspires to become and more versatilityin expression of the ever present problems of levels, services, the sun, the wind and the rain.

She enjoys coffee, record stores, and uncovering the stories behind historic places. Retrieved January 28,