April 28, 2019

The Makropulos Affair. Conductor Ondrej Olos Director Yannis Houvardas. PREMIERE 20 MAY 20, 23, 25 May 20th Century Cycle / Janáček Cycle. The Makropulos Case. The seductive diva Emilia Marty has broken hearts for over years and yet she doesn’t look a day past Now that the magical elixir . At first encounter, the secrets of The Makropulos Case appear buried as deeply as the secret its enigmatic heroine conceals until the final moments.

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Between these two themes comes a curious fanfare for offstage brass. Jaroslav proceeds to ask Emilia what she knows about Ellian MacGregor, whom he describes in disparaging terms, after reading her love letters that detail explicit sexual behaviour.

Prus, after learning about the case that morning. Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons. As cold as ice! Performances October 14, 18, 23, 26, and 29, Emilia says that there is in fact a will, and describes an old cupboard in the Makropylos mansion where important papers were kept, where that document may be found.

He demands an explanation of her strange interest in his family, and csse that the mother of the Baron’s child was recorded as Elina Makropuloswho might be the same as Ellian MacGregorwhose love letters he has read. Albert comments that Emilia’s singing is superhuman and perfect — too perfect.

The Act I introduction opens with a nervous ostinato in winds, trumpets, timpani, and low strings. He is already infatuated with Emilia, and makes advances to her.

Unraveling “The Makropulos Case”

Emilia asks what would be required for Albert Gregor to win the case. Audible Download Audio Books.

Prus has been going on for almost a century. Kristina demurs, and questions whether such people would truly be happy. The brass rejoins them.


Elina has realized that perpetual youth casd led her to exhausted apathy and resolves to allow death to come naturally to her, understanding that a sense of transcendence and purpose come caee a naturally short span of life.

They found the will where Emilia said it would be, and Jaroslav congratulates Albert on his victory — if he can prove that Ferdinand Gregor was the Baron’s out-of-wedlock son. Jaroslav grieves at his lack of showing affection to Janek, but Emilia is indifferent and asks if she has to tear her hair out every time someone dies. There is a further similar discussion about Jean-Paul Marat and the French Revolution, where again Emilia expresses strong opinions that appear to derive from her direct experience of the people and events, even though they occurred years earlier.

He gives it to her, but Prus is disappointed – he had not expected such indifferent coldness from her. She asks that the hotel room be re-arranged to resemble a court room, and asks for time to dress. This website uses cookies. The opera is set in Prague, early in the 20th century. Emilia enters, but spurns them all, including Janek, who instantly falls under her spell, and Albert, who brings her expensive flowers. The subject of this opera is closer to science fiction as it tells the story of a woman who, thanks to the elixir of life, has been on the earth for more than three hundred years.

Having exhausted her desire to continue, she relinquishes her hold on the formula, at casr reclaiming her humanity by succumbing to it and its inevitable consequence. However, the document was lost among the Baron’s papers after his death. The others all note the similarity of this handwriting to the signature on the picture for Kristina.


Marty, though, is more interested in a sealed envelope which is amongst the other documents which Prus refuses to hand makroplos.

BBC – Music – Review of Leoš Janáček – The Makropulos Case

Emilia decides to tell the truth. Now they sound in the strings and orchestral brass, their intensity building until manic strings alone take over. Full Cast and Crew. Views Read Edit View history. Martin Urban The enigmatic femme fatale Emilia Marty turns the life of everyone she meets on its head. He continues saying that only a descendant of Ferdinand Makropoulos can claim the estate. Emilia tells him Eugenia is not dead, and in Spanishcalls him by a pet name and asks him for a kiss. She is a young singer, and praises Emilia Marty, a famous singer she has seen rehearsing and admits that she will never be the artist Emilia Marty is.

However, after a week, Elina awoke and fled with the formula, which proved to be successful. His death was reported that same evening.

The Makropulos Case

She tells the others that they are happy because they could die at any moment, but also that she is afraid of death. Marty asks about the progress of the Gregors’ lawsuit and everyone present is astonished at her knowledge of events which occurred one hundred years ago. A kinaesthetic universe pulsating on the stage. Made Possible By This production is made possible, in part, by: