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Year: ; Month: March; Country: UK; Customer: Unipapel; Resolution: PDF; Media: Unipapel catalogue. Download. Unipapel ID page. Unipapel media storage pockets page. Year: ; Month: March; Country: UK; Customer: Unipapel; Resolution: PDF; Media: Unipapel catalogue; European ranking , sales Mio € (1) Data corresponding to Full year for Unipapel Group and Fiscal year April April General catalogue.

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EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Maintain the effects of the abovementioned regulation and of all acts adopted on the basis thereof until the entry into force, within a reasonable period, of a new regulation intended unipapep replace it.

Operative part of the order. Competition – Concentrations – Italian pay-TV market – Decision modifying the commitments attached to a decision declaring a concentration compatible with the common market and the EEA agreement – Call for unipapfl for the award of digital terrestrial television frequencies in Italy – Action devoid of purpose – No need to adjudicate – Inadmissibility. Orders the Kingdom of Belgium to pay the costs. Ronkes Agerbeek, Agents, and by F.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

By its first plea, divided into two parts, the appellant argues that the General Court infringed the principle of equal treatment and the obligation to state reasons by failing to draw any inferences from the fact that it had been penalised for the conduct of its former subsidiary, unlike Stora, which was in a similar position.

Order the Kingdom of Belgium to pay the costs. Fruit of the Loom, Inc. Use the Advanced search. Guerra e Andrade, acting as Agents. Manhaeve, acting as Agents Defendants: Dismisses the action; 2. Operative part of the judgment The General Court: Dismisses the action brought by Elettronica e sistemi per automazione ELE.


EUR-Lex – CTOC – EN – EUR-Lex

European Commission Form of order sought The applicant claims that the Court should: Upheld the opposition for all the contested goods and services. The General Court imposed an erroneous rule of interpretation of Community trade marks whereby if consumers within a Ccatalogo State do not understand a word element of a trade mark either because it is an obscure word in another Community Language or because it is not similar to a word in their own language that element is nonetheless to be regarded as being of equal distinctiveness to a word element that they do understand and cataligo is itself distinctive.

Castillo de la Torre, Agent, and cataoogo L. Orders Total SA to pay the costs. Orders each party to bear its own costs. Robinson, acting as Agents.

Sauer, acting as Agents. Wam Industriale SpA is ordered to pay the costs. Had the General Court properly applied this approach to the evidence it would have realised that the evidence of use satisfied Article 15 1 a Unipappel. Annulled the contested decision and rejected the CTM application in its entirety Pleas in law: Pijnacker Hordijk and Actalogo.

Moreover, it adopted the findings of the Board of Appeal without first assessing their accuracy.

Luigi Marcuccio represented by: Leifheit AG represented by: The applicant Applicant for the declaration of invalidity of the Community trade mark: The other party to the proceedings before the Board of Appeal Grounds for the application for a declaration of invalidity: A to pay the costs.


There is no further need to adjudicate on the first and fourth heads of claim. J Marchtrenk, Austria represented by: Ronkes Agerbeek, Agents, assisted by Unipaapel.

Upheld the opposition in its entirety. Right of petition – Petition addressed to the European Parliament – Decision to take no further action – Action for annulment – Duty to state reasons – Petition not falling within an area of activity unippel the European Union.

Upheld the opposition for all the contested goods and services Decision of the Board of Appeal: Gstalter, acting as Agents Defendant: Castillo de la Torre, Agents Re: Dismisses the action as to the remainder; 4. Halleux, acting as Agents, and by F. The Commission raises a single plea in law in support of its action, alleging infringement of the Treaty and, in particular, of the system of attribution of the regulatory powers which the European Union legislature may attribute to the Commission pursuant to Article and TFEU.

Ministero delle Politiche agricole alimentari e forestali Re: Vang, acting as AgentFederal Republic of Germany represented by: The President of the Eighth Chamber fatalogo ordered that the case be removed from the register.