February 17, 2019

Zoo City [Lauren Beukes, Justine Eyre] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Lauren Beukes’s Arthur C Clarke Award-winning novel set in a. Zoo City is the Arthur C Clarke Award winning novel by South African Author, Lauren Beukes. NIROXprojects put together a Zoo City-inspired exhibition at Arts on Main in Johannesburg’s Maboneng Precinct with a bunch of amazing artists, curated by Ann.

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Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

Like all urban fantasy novels, Zoo City is a mystery, a thrilling one. May 17, The Captain rated it really liked it Shelves: The book’s plot focuses on Zinzi’s attempts to find the missing female member of a brother-and-sister pop duo for a music producer, in return for the money she needs to fully repay her dealer. Zinzi December lives in the near future version of South Africa. Da ist ja vom Pinguin bis zum Krokodil alles dabei.

Those were refreshing, and indicated some real thought into the universe.

Why Does the Author Ignore Race? If yer animal dies then ye get dragged to the Underworld i. While she spent four years working on MoxylandZoo City took just over a year to complete. Sarah CoolCurryBooks It’s never revealed in the book, although various different groups’ theories are presented. She’s burned even more professional bridges that will prevent her from going back to her old life, and she hasn’t built any new ones.

For one thing, the South African setting is very interesting to those of us who are not from that country. Being animalled is described in the novel as an automatic consequence — not just in South Africa, but for all humans worldwide — of bearing a significant amount of guilt.


Lots of innovation in this melding of noir detective, cyberpunk, and urban fantasy genres. Does anyone really have her best interests at heart?

Between certain chapters, we are presented with excerpts of writing: After she finds her last customer murdered we are set on a filthy Jozi safari ranging from underground sewers to super dodgy clubs. Other animals I would be happy with: While she prefers not to track lost persons, beukss is tight.

Most portrayals of my home city irritate me because they miss the flavour of the city, the energy, the vibe. The Maltese and the Marabou are just gone. Honestly, I have only a vague idea of what the story of this book is, and an even vaguer idea of how or what moves us forward.

I may have mentioned that the climax is intense ; it’s not just gory but profoundly sad, and I don’t want to tread into spoilers but the unspoken themes that form the backbone of the entire thing, about the burdens carried by people who have done bad things — very zooo bad things, yes — but have to learn to go on living in a society that doesn’t want them around, are surprisingly affecting for a book with a cartoon sloth on the cover.

I do really, really want a sloth. Other than the whole “everyone knows you killed someone and therefore kauren you and you have to live in slums like the titular, crime-ridden Zoo City” angle, this doesn’t sound that bad to xoo.


I hate it when I read a book that’s beautifully written, but has a clumsy plot. Beukes gives the condition a clever medical sounding name: View all 4 comments. Once cihy I’m not sure how to rate a book like this.

I really did not care for her; this is despite the fact that the main plot was very interesting and this is what heukes me reading. The story gets a little bit choppy towards the end, and while I liked the fake magazine articles and academic essays describing the nature and history of the “animalled,” it felt a bit like filler in places. Beukes not only thoroughly researched the specialised topics in her novel, but laurwn a lot of guest writers involved in writing faux news articles, research papers, movie reviews etc.

The animalled, or apos, are thus identified as murderers beyond the shadow of any doubt, and are treated like outcasts. In his spare time he reads, writes, draws and dreams.

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes – review

Trivia About Zoo City. Perhaps it’s a redemptive punishment for the redeemable criminal. Because that’s essentially what the main creative sparks were driven with. And boy, is this beautiful.